Re Zero Season 3 Release Date: Everything You Need to Know About Season 3 of Re: Zero?

Re Zero Season 3 Release Date: Fans of Rem or Re: Zero, we have some exciting news for you! Re: Zero Season 3 has been given the green light for another sequel, and if you’ve seen the previous seasons, you’ll know that the series will be full of adventures and intriguing moments that will keep you captivated till the finish. You might be wondering what the plot of Re: Zero Season 3 will be. When will we be able to watch it again? Don’t worry, we’ve covered everything from the ground up below.

Re Zero Season 3 Renewal Status

Season 3 of Re: Zero has been officially confirmed. On March 26, 2023, it was revealed at the AnimeJapan 2023 event. The third season will adapt the fifth arc of the light novel series “Sword Demon and Holy Maiden.” Season 3 of Re: Zero has not yet been confirmed, however, it is expected to premiere in 2024. White Fox, the company that animated the first two seasons, will produce the anime. Fans of the series were ecstatic when Season 3 of Re: Zero was announced. The first two seasons were highly successful, and the third is projected to be as so.

Re Zero Season 3 Release Date

White Fox’s production schedule. The studio is presently working on the Sengoku Youko anime adaptation, which is set to air in January 2024. White Fox may not be able to begin production on Re: Zero Season 3 until Sengoku Youko has done airing. Overall, it is too soon to predict when Re: Zero Season 3 will be released. However, it is expected to launch in 2024 and will be a huge event for series lovers.

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Re Zero Season 3 Cast

Here’s the Re: Zero Season 3 cast list, complete with Japanese and English voice actors:

Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Subaru Natsuki Yusuke Kobayashi Sean Chiplock
Emilia Rie Takahashi Christine Marie Cabanos
Rem Inori Minase Erica Mendez
Ram Rie Murakawa Jill Harris
Beatrice Satomi Arai Laura Post
Roswaal L. Mathers Takehito Koyasu Ricco Fajardo
Frederica Baumann Kaori Nazuka Erica Lindbeck
Otto Suwen Kōhei Amasaki Adam McArthur
Garfiel Tinsel Nobuhiko Okamoto Josh Grelle
Petra Leyte Marika Kōno Sarah Anne Williams
Lye Batenkaitos Akira Ishida Chris Patton
Minerva Mikako Komatsu Carrie Keranen
Echidna Maaya Sakamoto Caitlin Glass
Anastasia Hoshin Kana Ueda Monica Rial

Re Zero Season 3 Plotline

Season 3 of Re: Zero will cover Arc 5 of the light novel series, titled “The Stars that Engrave History.” The story is set in the Watergate City of Priestella, where Anastasia Hoshin invites Subaru and his pals to a gathering. The Witch Cult, however, disrupts the meeting by seizing control of the city.

Re Zero Season 3 Release Date

Subaru must rally all of the camps to fight this powerful foe and save their loved ones. Season 3 of Re: Zero is set to be published in 2023. It’ll be an exciting and action-packed season as Subaru and his pals confront their most difficult difficulties yet.

How Many Episodes Will Be In Re Zero Season 3?

The amount of episodes for Re: Zero Season 3 has yet to be confirmed in the official announcement. However, there are various rumors and suspicions circulating online. The most popular fan theory is that there will be 38-42 episodes. This is determined by the amount of episodes in prior seasons. Season 1 had 25 episodes, while Season 2 had 28. So it stands to reason that Season 3 will contain a similar number of episodes.

Another online rumor is that there will be 30-35 episodes. This is predicated on the fact that Season 3 will adapt Arc 5 of the light novel series. In the end, the amount of episodes in Re: Zero Season 3 is unknown. We’ll have to wait till the anime studio or production committee makes an official statement.

Re Zero Season 3 Trailer

The trailer was made available on February 19, 2022. It depicts Subaru and his pals encountering new problems in Priestella’s Watergate City. New characters are also introduced, such as the Witch Cult’s Sin Archbishop of Gluttony, Lye Batenkaitos. Fans have reacted well to the trailer, and they are eager to see what happens in Season 3. Season 3 of Re: Zero has yet to be officially confirmed, however, it is expected to premiere in January 2024. Here is the trailer Click Here.

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Where to Watch Re Zero Season 3?

Season 3 of Re: Zero will be accessible on local Japanese TV networks as well as the anime streaming portal Crunchyroll. The specific release date has yet to be determined, although it is likely to debut in January 2024. Crunchyroll is a well-known anime streaming site that provides a wide range of anime series and movies, including Re: Zero. Re: Zero is available on Crunchyroll for a monthly membership fee of $7.99.

Re Zero Rating

Most anime rating websites give Re: Zero a very high grade. It has an IMDb rating of 8.1 out of 10 based on over 123,000 votes. It has a rating of 9.5 out of 10 on MyAnimeList, with over 1.1 million votes. With these ratings, Re: Zero is one of the most popular anime of all time. Re: Zero has received critical acclaim for its unique tale, rich characters, and breathtaking animation. The plot is a dark fantasy that delves into topics such as death, sorrow, and redemption. The animation is excellent, and the characters are well-developed and relatable.


Season 3 of Re: Zero is predicted to be fantastic. It will adapt Arc 5 of the light novel series, which is one of the series’ most popular arcs. The arc includes several new characters, notably Lye Batenkaitos, the Sin Archbishop of Gluttony. It also dives deeper into the Witch Cult’s history and its aspirations for the globe. The season will undoubtedly be filled with action, suspense, and drama.

Subaru and his companions will confront their most severe difficulties yet, forcing them to make difficult decisions in order to defend those they care about. The animation should be excellent as well. Season 3 of Re: Zero is set to continue the series’ tradition of having some of the best animations in anime. If you want to learn more about other popular shows, check out our other articles, which will provide you with more information on all current and upcoming shows. Please visit our website…

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