Rajat Bedi Net Worth, Career, Failmy, Biography and Other Information

Rajat Bedi Net Worth: Rajat Bedi is a well-known Indian actor who has made an indelible mark on the movie business with his excellent playing skills and wide range of roles. Even though he didn’t get the lead part, Bedi has made a name for himself and become known for his important contributions to Indian cinema over the course of a long career. In this biography, we’ll look at Rajat Bedi’s early years, work, family background, and net worth to learn more about his life and what he’s done.

Rajat Bedi Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of $18 million, Rajat Narendra Bedi’s success and skill have not only helped him stay at the top of his field but also made him rich.

Name Rajat Narendra Bedi
Occupation Film actor
Nationality Indian
Known for Villainous roles in Bollywood films
Notable Films Koi… Mil Gaya, Partner, Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani
Lead Roles Yes
Net Worth $18 million

How Rajat Bedi Started His Career?

Rajat Bedi started out as an actor when he made his first movie in the Bollywood film business. In 1998, Raj N. Sippy’s movie “2001: Do Hazaar Ek” was the first time he was seen in a movie. He played an officer in this movie. Rajat Bedi

Bedi got even more attention for his role in the hit movie “Chor Machaaye Shor,” which came out in 2002. In that movie, he acted with well-known actors like Bobby Deol, Shilpa Shetty Kundra, and Bipasha Basu.

Rajat Bedi has been in a lot of movies over the years, playing both good and bad characters that were interesting to watch. In “Koi… Mil Gaya” (2003), he played the bad guy, and in “Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi!” (2005), he played the hero. Bedi’s parts in these movies were liked by both audiences and critics, which solidified his place in the business.

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Rajat Bedi Biography

Rajat Bedi was born in India on January 1, 1970. He works as an actor and director in movies. Most of his work has been in Hindi and Punjabi pictures.

Rajat Bedi Net Worth

Bedi started out as a model, and the movie “Do Hazaar Ek – Inspector Rajat” was his first role as an actor. But he became known for his part as the bad guy in the 2003 movie “Koi… Mil Gaya,” where he was cast. Several other famous Bollywood movies, like “Chor Machaaye Shor,” “Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi!” and “Khamosh… Khauff Ki Raat,” also had him in them.

Rajat Bedi Family

When it comes to his family, Rajat Bedi has kept his personal life mostly out of the public eye. Not much is known about him or his family. He is Narendra Bedi and Veena Bedi’s child. He chose to marry Monalisa Bedi. Vivaan Bedi and Vera Bedi are their two children.

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Rajat Bedi Early Life

Rajat Bedi was born on January 1, 1970, in the busy city of Mumbai, Maharashtra. As a child, he was very interested in the arts. He was interested in playing from a young age, which led him to try to make a living in the movie business. Even though not much is known about Bedi’s early schooling or upbringing, it is clear that he had a natural talent and a strong commitment to the arts.

Some Facts About Rajat Bedi

He doesn’t drink booze, but he does smoke once in a while. He told people that he would soon go back to his home country and then to his movies. He said, “Movies are an important part of life.” Also said he was never happy with the parts and characters he played. He moved there because of this.

Over the course of his work, he made about 40 movies. But he was never happy with the roles and movies he played. Because of that, he went to Canada and made a home there. But he started his second career as a TV director with the show “Lajwanti.” But this didn’t get him enough attention and fame among the public. All things considered, he was mostly portrayed as a bad guy in most of the movies.


Rajat Bedi, an Indian actor and director, has made a significant impact in the Bollywood film industry with his excellent acting skills and diverse roles. Born in India in 1970, Bedi began his career as a model and later became known for his roles in movies like “Koi… Mil Gaya” and “Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi!” He has a net worth of $18 million and has appeared in numerous Bollywood films, including “Koi..

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