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In today’s digital age, the world of social media has witnessed remarkable growth. One name that has emerged as a prominent figure in this realm is Rachitroo. With his unique blend of talent and business acumen, Rachitroo has made a name for himself and amassed a significant net worth. In this article, we will delve into Rachitroo’s journey, explore his achievements, and uncover the factors that have contributed to his impressive net worth.

Who is Rachitroo?

Rachit Yadav, often known as Rachitroo, is an Indian YouTube Gamer, content creator, and social media influencer. He is best known for his gaming material in which he plays e-sport games such as GTA V and FreeFire.

Rachitroo began his YouTube career by posting gaming content. On November 6, 2014, he opened his YouTube channel. His debut video on YouTube was (PUBG’s ‘1,00,000 UC Crate Opening in PUBG Mobile – All Wasted?’). He afterwards began playing GTA V and FreeFire.

Rachitroo Net Worth

Rachitroo has three YouTube channels, including his primary one. He also broadcasts VR game videos with amusing comments and voiceovers, which draws in additional viewers. Rachit is from a middle-class background, and his parents have always been supportive of him. He became interested in gaming while he was in sixth grade and began playing video games on his PC.

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Rachitro is not only active on YouTube, but he is also active on Instagram and Twitter. He has over 298k followers on Instagram and over 18.1k followers on Twitter.

Rachitroo’s Career

Rachit comes from a middle-class background and has always prioritized his schooling. He became interested in video games when he was in sixth grade. Fortunately, his family encouraged him and purchased a high-configuration computer for him to play games more efficiently. Rachit plays Minecraft, GTA 5, Pubg, and BGMI in his videos, which are also his favourites.

Rachit is also interested in software and mobile application development. He enjoys programming languages and frequently produces e-sports-related stuff on his personal website. His very first video on his YouTube channel was a short clip. Then he returned as a professional gamer, with his debut gaming video being about PUBG’s ‘1,00,000 UC Crate Opening in PUBG Mobile – All Wasted?’

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Then he continued to create gaming-related content on his channel and covered all trending games, which helped him gain millions of subscribers. He is also a member of Team Vitality India, a well-known Indian e-sports team, and frequently promotes their stuff.

Rachitroo’s Net Worth

Rachitroo has a net worth of 35 to 40 crores or $4.35 million, according to net worth spot. He makes money in different ways, but YouTube is his main source of income. Because he plays games like Free Fire, PUBG, and Minecraft which are popular right now, his movies easily get more than 100k views. According to Social Blade, he makes between $7,7K and $122,8K per month from his first YouTube account, Rachitroo.

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He could make between $92.1K and $1.5M a year from this service. From his second YouTube account, he makes an estimated $82 to $1,300 per month and $984 to $15,700 per year. Collaborations, partnerships, and other things bring in extra money for him.

Rachitroo’s Personal Life

His father works for the government, and his mother stays at home to take care of him. We don’t know what his parents’ names are. He has a younger sister named Many Yadav, with whom he often posts pictures on his social media account.

Rachitroo Net Worth

Raghav Yadav is his younger brother. Right now, Rachit is single and not married.

Assets Owned by Rachitroo

Rachit is a rich YouTuber who made his money on his own. He is known for living a lavish life. He put a picture of himself with his new XUV on Instagram.


Rachitroo’s rise to success is an example for content makers everywhere who want to be successful. He has a huge net worth because he works hard to be the best, forms smart partnerships, and knows a lot about the digital world. Rachitroo’s story shows that anyone can make their dreams come true with desire, hard work, and a clear vision.

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