Get Ready to Know the Powerful and Popular 350 CC Bikes in India!

In India, the mid-capacity motorbike market has long been popular among bike aficionados. While Royal Enfield has long led this market, several Indian and international two-wheeler manufacturers are now vying for a piece of the action. As a result of the abundance of alternatives, it may be difficult to select the best model. Below is the article, you will get a complete list of Popular 350 CC Bikes in India.

Top 10 Popular 350 CC Bikes in India

We have included some of the greatest 350cc bikes in India, together with their features, specifications, and current prices, so you may select the most appropriate model.

1. Royal Enfield Hunter 350 (from Rs. 1.50 lakh)

The Royal Enfield Hunter 350 is the least expensive motorcycle on this list. It is also the lightest Royal Enfield motorcycle available. It also includes several premium amenities, such as alloy wheels, turn-by-turn navigation, a semi-digital instrument console, and so on.

Popular 350 CC Bikes in India

It has a semi-digital instrument console, dual channel ABS, a USB mobile charging port, a turn-by-turn navigation system, and tubeless tires on alloy wheels.

2. Royal Enfield Classic 350 (from Rs. 1.87 lakh)

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is one of the company’s best-selling motorcycles. Because of its pure machism on the road and the distinctive thump, it dominates the mid-capacity motorcycle industry. The all-new Classic 350 carries on the history but with a contemporary engine and electricals.

Popular 350 CC Bikes in India

It has semi-digital instrumentation, spoked wheels, a turn-by-turn navigation system, dual and single-channel ABS, and a USB mobile charging connector.

3. Royal Enfield ES 350 (from Rs. 1.87 lakh)

Previously, the Royal Enfield ES was known as the Electra. It has the same design language as the Bullet, but instead of a kick-start, it has an electric start. The bike is well-known for its durability when carrying high loads.

Popular 350 CC Bikes in India

The riding position provides a beautiful stance as well as huge wheels for improved handling. It has single-channel ABS, an analog instrument console, blacked-out spoked wheels, and an electric start option.

4. Royal Enfield Bullet 350 (2.17 lakh and up in price)

For many years, the Royal Enfield Bullet has been manufactured. It still draws a lot of purchasers in because of its flawlessly dated style and hand-painted fuel tank. It now has a contemporary engine.

Popular 350 CC Bikes in India

Even if it doesn’t have as many high-end amenities as some of its rivals, its majestic attitude nonetheless draws attention on the street. Single channel ABS, analog instrumentation, spoked wheels, and a kick start feature are among its features.

5. The Benelli Imperiale 400 (starting at Rs. 1.89 lacks)

A motorbike with retro-classic styling like the Royal Enfield Bullet is the Benelli Imperiale 400. In comparison to the latter, the bike boasts more amenities, including an electric ignition, a semi-digital instrument dashboard, and better power output.

Popular 350 CC Bikes in India

Halogen headlights, Dual channel ABS, disc brakes, and a semi-digital instrument panel are some of its features.

6. Honda H’ness CB350 (starting at Rs. 2 lakh)

Taking inspiration from vintage motorcycles, Honda created the H’ness CB350. The bike seems contemporary with its alloy wheels and disc brakes, with the exception of the circular headlight, teardrop fuel tank, dual rear suspension, side panels, and chrome accents. It is the perfect retro-modern motorcycle in India because of its exceptional build quality and vibration-free motor.

Popular 350 CC Bikes in India

LED illumination, an assist and slipper clutch, an engine inhibitor side stand, a digital instrument console, a gear position indication, a hazard switch, a dual channel ABS system, and a torque control system are just a few of its features.

7. Royal Enfield Meteor 350 (from Rs. 2.01 lakh)

The only cruiser on this list is the Royal Enfield Meteor 350. It provides maximum comfort on long excursions and throughout everyday commutes with to its low-slung handlebar, wide seat, and front-seat rider footpegs.

Popular 350 CC Bikes in India

The teardrop fuel tank, circular headlight, and side panels give the bike a retro feel, yet it is powered by a modern engine that allows it to cruise at moderate speeds. It has semi-digital instrumentation, a turn-by-turn navigation system, a touring windscreen, alloy wheels, and dual-channel ABS.

8. Honda CB350RS (Rs. 2.05 lakh and above)

The Honda CB350RS is a more powerful variant of the Honda CB350. To make it more sporty, it has blacked-out plastic mudguards for the wheels and a longer rear fender. It does, however, have the same design approach, with a similar fuel tank and side panels. It is designed for customers searching for a sportier CB350 with more features.

Popular 350 CC Bikes in India

LED illumination, Assist and slipper clutch, Side stand with engine inhibitor, Real-time mileage display, Digital instrument console, Gear position indication, Hazard switch, Skid plate, Sportier grab rail, Dual channel ABS, and Torque Control System are among the features.

9. Zontes 350R (Rs. 3.25 lakh and above)

The Zontes 350R is a naked sports bike with various segment-exclusive characteristics. The angular panels on the gasoline tank give the design a rough appearance. Sharp lines go across every panel of the bike, emphasizing its aggressive appearance.

Popular 350 CC Bikes in India

Aside from its futuristic style, it is equipped with modern technologies. While it has many features, it is relatively pricey when compared to competitors who have established their models in India.

LED illumination, a digital instrument dashboard, fully keyless capability, screen mirroring for the TFT display, a tire pressure monitoring system, four riding modes, dual channel ABS, and disc brakes are among the features.

10. Zontes 350X (Rs. 3.35 lakh and up)

The Zontes 350X is a true touring motorbike with the same engine as the 350R and comparable power output ratings. It’s a sports tourer with a slew of segment-first features. The bike’s well-contoured contours and curved lines set it out from the throng. Because of its premium amenities and amazing design language, the bike is likely one of the most appealing sports tourers.

Popular 350 CC Bikes in India

LED illumination, a digital instrument dashboard, fully keyless capability, screen mirroring for the TFT display, a tire pressure monitoring system, four riding modes, dual channel ABS, and disc brakes are among the features.

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