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Pooja Bhatt, a well-known Bollywood actress and filmmaker, has enchanted viewers with her exceptional talent and performances. However, her beauty dominates the headlines for her personal life more than her work life. In this article, we delve into the life of Pooja Bhatt’s husband, unveiling the man who shares a special bond with the talented actress.

Pooja Bhatt’s Biography

Pooja Bhatt is an Indian film director, actor, voice-over artist, and filmmaker. She was born on February 24, 1972. She is the daughter of the Indian director Mahesh Bhatt and was born into the Bhatt family.

Pooja’s first role was in Mahesh Bhatt’s television movie Daddy, which came out in 1989. For the movie, she won the Lux New Face of the Year for Best Female Debut Filmfare Award.

Pooja Bhatt Husband

She has been in many movies over the years, including Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin, Sadak, Junoon, Jaanam, Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Aayee, Sir, and many more. Later, in 2004, she directed her first movie, called Paap.

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Pooja Bhatt has had a great career in Bollywood. She has played many different roles on the big screen, and she has also tried her hand at directing and making movies. Pooja has made a name for herself in the business with her unique personality and powerful performances. She is known for making bold and unusual choices.

Who is Pooja Bhatt’s Husband?

Pooja Bhatt is now single. But previously she was in love with Manish Makhija, an Indian VJ and restaurant owner in Mumbai. After Pooja and Manish met for the first time, they quickly became best friends, and soon after that, they fell in love. Pooja Bhatt and Manish got married in 2003, after only two months of dating. After 11 wonderful years of marriage, the couple broke up in 2014.

Pooja Bhatt Husband

When she announced that they were getting a divorce, the news blew up on the internet. Pooja took up Twitter to explain why she was getting a divorce. She wrote:

“I choose to live my life on MY terms, and I won’t put on a show for the crowd. Marriages and relationships don’t start or end because of a certificate. Life does! To everyone who cares and especially to those who don’t, my husband Munna and I have chosen to end our marriage after 11 wonderful years. Our breakup, as some people might call it, is friendly, and we will always hold each other in the greatest regard. I explain because you and I are both in the public domain. Friends, foes, and people who care about us are all free to guess now.”

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Pooja Bhatt on Her Singlehood Phase

Pooja Bhatt talked about how her taste in guys has changed over the years in an interview with content creator Kusha Kapila for the Tinder India show Swipe Ride. The actress and director said that when she was in her 20s, she would rather date “one rat” than “functional humans.” Pooja said, “I want to fix that one person,” and she added:

“My type has changed, but I’d rather use the word “develop” than “changed” or “aged.” But I don’t have a particular type. But when I was younger and in my 20s, I didn’t have any regrets at all. I was able to do things like walk into a room with a hundred guys in it. There would be 99 people who could do their jobs well, and one rat would be hiding under the table. My zoning device would take me straight there and say, “Hey baby, let me try to fix you.”

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Pooja said, though, that we shouldn’t try to fix other people. Instead, we should try to fix ourselves first. She said that she feels lucky to be single, but she also said that she doesn’t have her doors down.

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