Police Officer Suspended After Viral Video Prompts Investigation in Prince George’s County

Police Officer Suspended After Viral Video Prompts Investigation: The film, which was taken in Oxon Hill Park, shows a uniformed officer getting close to a woman and putting her in the back seat of his police car.

A video was found of a Prince George’s County Police officer being affectionate with a woman at Oxon Hill Park. The officer has been suspended, and a probe is going on.

The person who took the film on Monday told WUSA9 that the event took place at Southlawn Neighborhood Park around 7 p.m. He says he chose to share the video on social media because if anyone else was caught being intimate in a public park with kids around, there would be consequences.

Millions of people have seen the video of PGPD Officer Francesco Marlett with his arms around a woman’s waist. During their conversation, it looks like he gives her a kiss on the head at some point. The woman keeps walking toward the Prince George’s County SUV that is stopped right next to them. Marlett’s arm is around her shoulders, and she is trying to open the locked car door. The cop opens the back door, lets her in, and then closes the door behind him.

In the video that was shared on multiple social media sites, you can see kids running around in the park. Neighbors say that there were several families with kids there at the time of the event.

People have talked about a similar thing that happened at another Prince George’s County Park because of this video, which has gone viral. A woman gets out of a silver car that looks like the one in the first video and gets into the back of the Prince George’s County Police SUV 6077.

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The Police Department wrote on its own social media pages that the video is known to their top leadership. “As soon as we found out about it this morning, we started looking into it to find out what happened,” the department wrote. “Once the situation has been looked into and confirmed, more information will be shared.”

Later, the Police Department acknowledged that the officer had been taken off duty. The department says that this is the second time Officer Marlett has been suspended this year. He was taken off the job for 30 days sometime between May and June, but the cops aren’t saying when or why.

PGPD hasn’t said whether or not Marlett was on duty when the video was made. On Tuesday night, investigators were seen going around the Oxon Hill neighborhood. Investigators are still trying to figure out what was going on in the video, but people who were there say they are sure it wasn’t right for a public park.

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Patricia Castaeda says she was there on Monday night around 7 with her cousin, who made the video. Castaeda said, “She drove up, parked, hugged him, and got in the car. They did things in the car while the kids watched, and that’s just not right.” “Not at all right.”

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