Pink Fan Throws Mother’s Ashes Onstage During Concert, Singer Left Stunned!

Pink has gotten many gifts at her shows, like flowers and soft toys. In London, the singer was given a gift that was a bit different. On Sunday, a fan threw a bag of their mother’s ashes onstage while the 43-year-old pop star was playing at BST Hyde Park.

Pink was shocked and didn’t know what to do for a short time. After getting into a little bit of a fight with the fan, she went on with her show. The video of what happened is now all over social media. Read on to find out everything about the event.

Fan Throws Mother’s Ashes Onstage During Pink’s London Concert

On June 25, Pink was playing her hit song “Just Like a Pill” at BST Hyde Park in London when the event happened. When the singer was at the front of the stage, a fan threw a plastic bag that fell on her feet.

Pink Fan Throws Mother’s Ashes Onstage During Concert

When she opened the bag and saw grey ashes inside, the What About Us was shocked. She took the bag from the fan who had thrown it and asked, “Is this your mom?” When the fan confirmed this, Pink said, “I don’t know how I feel about this,” and put the plastic bag behind one of the speakers backstage.

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The singer then went to the main stage and said, “I have to say, that was a first.” Pink kept going with her show and finished it with her 2008 hit “So What,” which she sang while hanging in the air.

Pink’s Summer Carnival Tour Included the Concert

Pink’s Summer Carnival tour, which included the BST Hyde Park shows over the weekend, will continue in Europe until July 16. Gwen Stefani was the first act at the shows, and Pink thanked her with a cute Instagram post.

“You’re the coolest, nicest person in the room, and you always have the most swag. I’m glad we got to spend your weekend together. We still have a lot to talk about, so I’m going to call you tomorrow lol. “I love you,” the singer wrote next to a photo of them together.

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Pink will be in North America from July 28 to October 9 after the European part of her Summer Carnival Tour. In November, for her Trustfall Tour, she will go back to the US and Canada. In March of next year, she will finish her Summer Carnival Tour in Australia and New Zealand.

On the Tour, Pink’s Daughter is Also Performing

During the Summer Carnival Tour, Pink’s daughter Willow, who is 12 years old, has also been singing with her mother. Cover Me in Sunshine, a song by the pair, came out in 2021. Pink said that Willow’s job at the shows would pay her the minimum wage when she talked about Willow’s participation in the tour.

Pink Fan Throws Mother’s Ashes Onstage During Concert

“Willow is working while on tour. We just talked about minimum pay, which varies from state to state. I said that it costs about $22.50 per show, but it depends on how long I stay if I go over. She says, ‘I’ll take $20. Doing the math is easy.’ I tell her, “That’s not how you bargain for yourself.” I’m like, ‘You’ll take $25 so it’s easier math,'” said Pink.

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