Paul Cauthen’s Net Worth Before Arrest: Why Did the Police Stop Paul Cauthen? 2023

Paul Cauthen’s Net Worth Before Arrest: Paul Cauthen is a well-known American singer and musician. The singer was caught with a lot of drugs on her. So people want to know how much Paul Cauthen makes.

Paul Cauthen is a well-known singer and songwriter who got his start in a duo called Sons of Fathers, which played Americana/indie folk-rock.

He has been a part of the American music scene since 2009. Paul has signed with a record label and put out three albums and an EP so far. His most recent album, Country Coming Down, came out in April 2022.

After five years of working together as a team, the singer went out on his own in 2016. My Gospel, his first song as a solo artist, came out on Lightning Rod Records.

Paul’s first show at Grand Ole Opry was as a solo act two years after that. Before, Cauthen and Sons of Fathers played the Opry twice.

Paul Cauthen’s Net Worth Before Arrest

Paul Cauthen is a well-known singer who has been caught with drugs more than once. So, news about his arrest is making the rounds on the Internet right now.

So, his fans are worried about how much money he has. So, as was already said, he has been doing this job for more than a decade and has put out a lot of songs, so he must have made a lot of money from it.

Paul Cauthen's Net Worth Before Arrest:

The sources don’t give the exact amount of Paul Cauthen’s net wealth. Also, none of the online sites have talked about exact estimates, so it is still missing.

A rough estimate, though, is that Paul must have a net worth of more than $1 million because he lives a lavish lifestyle and often posts pictures of it on Instagram.

Cauthen is more career-oriented, and he keeps his fans up to date on his future records and projects through his Instagram handle, where he posts as @paulcauthen and has more than 80k followers.

Is the Wild Man Singer Paul Cauthen in Jail?

If you like Paul Cauthen, you should know that he was just arrested. The singer was arrested on May 18 in Isle of Palms, South Carolina, for those who don’t know.

So, a lot of his fans want to know if he is still in jail or if he got out. The singer was freed the next day, and bail was set at $2,275 for the possession charge and $25,000 for the production and sale charge.

In the same way, he has a court date on July 7th. Because he was arrested, the singer had to cancel some of his shows, including one on Friday (May 19) in Knoxville, Tennessee. Also canceled was his show at Suck Bang Blow in Murrells Inlet on May 18.

Paul put a message online that said, “Sorry, folks. Things have gone wrong, so we won’t be making these shows anymore. We’ll go into more depth at a later time. God bless everyone. Be kind to each other,” but he didn’t say anything else and hasn’t talked about it since.


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Why Did the Police Stop Paul Cauthen?

Paul was charged with having, making, and having with the intent to sell Schedule I, II, or III banned drugs.

Paul Cauthen's Net Worth Before Arrest:

Cauthen was first charged with having weed. Sources said that heroin and cocaine were also found when the singer was arrested, but he was not charged with these drugs.

Police also found that his silver bus was illegally parked on the street Thursday morning near Ocean Blvd and Pavilion Dr. They smelled weed and started to look into it. Along with Paul, two other people were also charged that day.

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