Patricia Bright Net Worth 2023, YouTube Earning, Earnings Per Month and Earning Per YouTube Video

Patricia Bright Net Worth: Patricia Bright was born on February 4, 1987, in the United Kingdom. She is a well-known YouTube star. As of January 9, 2023, Patricia Bright has a $5,000,000 net worth. She did a set of videos called “Get the Look” for The BRIT Awards coverage on YouTube. She made a second vlog channel called Britpoplife Vlogs, which has more than 250,000 followers.

Patricia Bright Net Worth 2023

It is thought that Patricia Bright has a net worth of $4,488,000. Most of this money came from her famous YouTube channel, which has ads on it, as well as from other sources, such as merchandise, deals with different brands, sponsors, and other business ventures. She has 2,820,000 people subscribed to her YouTube page, and she can make money from YouTube ads, merchandise, sponsorships, and other business opportunities that can come up because of her growing popularity.

Patricia Bright YouTube Earning

From the ads on her YouTube shows, Patricia Bright has made about $2,992,000. This leaves out other ways to make money, such as selling goods, getting investors, or starting other businesses. She makes this much money because she has more than 2,820,000 followers and more than 374,000,000 views.

These numbers are an estimate based on the history of the channel. They don’t take into account any money that could have been made from videos that have been deleted, unlisted, or made private. Our YouTube Money Calculator was used to come up with this number. This takes into account the most important factors that affect how much a channel can earn, like the number of viewers, the niche, and many other things. Other tools, on the other hand, just give a wide range of possible earnings.

Patricia Bright Earnings Per Month

It is thought that Patricia Bright makes about $37,728 per month in overall income. This money comes from all of her businesses and ways to make money, not just from YouTube AdSense. About 2,620,000 people watch Patricia Bright’s videos every month, which is worth $20,960 from YouTube AdSense.

Patricia Bright Earning Per YouTube Video

On average, Patricia Bright’s videos get about 421,000 views. Based on the content and viewers of her channel, this would bring in about $4,210 per video from YouTube AdSense (not counting other income sources like sponsors, affiliate commissions, memberships, etc.).

Patricia Bright can get about $12,630 per film in sponsorships. With an average of 421,000 views per video and a fee of $30 per 1000 views from companies, she can make $12,630 per video.

How Does Patricia Bright Make Money on Youtube?

The first way is with Google AdSense. She gets a cut of the money made by the ads that play during her shows. In the last year, that added up to just over $100,000, or $101,352.95. She does admit, though, that the beauty and fashion fans she already had helped her get going much faster than if she had started with no fans. The movie she made about the habits that made her a millionaire made her the most money. It made more than $12,000 in a year.

Patricia Bright Net Worth

The second thing is that Patricia makes money from donations and affiliate marketing. This source of income almost matched what she made from ads, giving her an extra $99,000 for the year. Skillshare seemed to be her main business partner, and she can charge up to $20,000 per ad.

Third, you can sell products and courses. Last year, this was also worth about six figures. She always does the same thing.

You don’t need a calculator to figure that out: Patricia’s new YouTube account made her about $300,000 in 2020. She thinks that the Coronavirus also helped her become successful. “It sounds really bad, but the pandemic meant that people were looking for other ways to learn and educate themselves, and I was just there at the right time making some of that content,” she said.

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Biography of Patricia Bright

She has a YouTube account called BritPopPrincess where she posts videos about beauty, makeup, and fashion. She has more than 2.9 million people who follow her on YouTube.

Nigeria is where her parents are from. Her husband Mike is in a few of her main channel videos and almost all of her blog channel videos. In 2016, she and Mike had their first child.


Patricia Bright is a well-known YouTube star with a $5,000,000 net worth as of January 9, 2023. She makes money from her YouTube channel, merchandise, sponsorships, and other sources. She makes $37,728 per month and $4,210 per video from YouTube AdSense. Patricia Bright makes money on YouTube through Google AdSense, donations and affiliate marketing, products and courses, and the Coronavirus pandemic. She has a YouTube account called BritPopPrincess and has more than 2.9 million followers.

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