Parag Agarwal Net Worth: Assets, Salary, Twitter CEO, Education and More Information

Parag Agarwal Net Worth: Parag Agarwal is a software worker who is both Indian and American. He is worth $45 million. Parag Agarwal was recently named the new CEO of Twitter. Before him, Jack Dorsey was the CEO. Jin quit his job as CEO of Twitter, and Pawan Agarwal took over. For the past 10 years, they have been linked to this page. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, told him how great it was that he was made CEO. Elon Musk wrote that Indian ability has been very good for the US.

Indian descent After Jack Dorsey, one of the founders of Twitter, stepped down as CEO, Parag Agarwal was named the new CEO. Who is Parag Aggarwal in this post? And to learn about his whole life and net worth (Parag Agrawal’s Twitter net worth), read the whole post. Parag has been paying close attention to Twitter’s AI and machine learning for the past few years. He has also been noticing that more and more people are making accounts.

Who is Parag Aggarwal?

Parag Aggarwal is 37 years old and from India. He lives in Khar, Mumbai, and had his early education in Mumbai. He then went to IIT Bombay for college, and then went to Stanford University to continue his education. When it comes to his family, Parag Agarwal lives in San Francisco with his wife, Vinita Agarwal, and their son. His wife is a medical professor at Stanford University.

Parag Agarwal Net Worth

Parag Agarwal isn’t the only Indian-born CEO of a big tech company in the world. Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai, and many other Indians around the world are also CEOs of big tech companies. Bringing the name of India to light

Parag Agarwal Net Worth

Parag Agarwal is thought to have a net worth of $45 million, which is about 370 crore Indian rupees. As the new CEO of Twitter, he gets a $1 million salary plus a bonus every year. He also gets $12.5 million in restricted stock units (RSUs), which will vest in 16 equal quarterly installments starting February 1, 2022.

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Parag Agarwal Assets

During his short but impressive time as CEO of Twitter, the company’s sales increased by 17.45%, which was great enough for him to get a one-million-dollar pay every year. Besides that, he got an annual performance bonus of up to 150% of his base pay, which was an extra $2.5 million.

This isn’t as important as the deal he signed to leave, though. This week, Twitter fired eighteen executives and gave them a total of $88 million. Agrawal will get the most, with $38.7 million, because “all of his shares vest upon his firing.” These shares were worth about $12.5 million, which leaves him with a net worth of about $50 million. This is an increase in value of almost 1500% in the last year.

Parag Agrawal as Twitter CEO and Early Career

Before becoming a Software Engineer at Twitter in 2011, Parag Agrawal did study internships at both Microsoft and Yahoo! After Adam Messinger quit in October 2017, Parag was hired as Twitter’s new Chief Technology Officer.

Parag Agarwal Net Worth

In 2019, after two years, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that Parag Agrawal would be in charge of Project Bluesky, a plan to create a decentralized social network system. Later in November 2021, Jack Dorsey, who used to be CEO of Twitter, said he was quitting. Parag Agrawal will take over as CEO of the social media giant.

Parag Agrawal on Twitter Polices

When asked about Twitter’s freedom of speech, Parag Agrawal said that the company’s job is not to follow the First Amendment. Instead, he said, it is to promote healthy public discourse and encourage people to think less about free speech and more about how times have changed.

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Parag Agarwal Education

Pawan Agarwal learned a lot at IIT Mumbai. Parag Agarwal has worked for Twitter for ten years and has been connected with the company since 2011. Before he became CEO of Twitter, he was the CTO. Parag Agarwal became the CTO of Twitter in 2017. Before joining Twitter, Parag Aggarwal worked for a number of large companies, including Yahoo and Microsoft.

Parag Agarwal was a good student. He went to the Atomic Energy Central School in Mumbai for his elementary education and passed the AIEEE test. He then went to IIT Bombay for his B.Tech. in computer science and then to Stanford University for his PhD in computer science. Beginning in 2006, Parag Agarwal worked as a researcher at Microsoft. He then went on to work at Yahoo. Parag Aggarwal has been with Twitter for 10 years and has been a part of the company since 2011. In 2017, he became the Chief Technology Officer.


Parag Agarwal, an Indian-American software worker, has been named the new CEO of Twitter. Agarwal, who is worth $45 million, has been closely monitoring Twitter’s AI and machine learning efforts. He has been a part of the company since 2011, having worked as the CTO before joining Twitter in 2017. Agarwal’s net worth is estimated to be around 370 crore Indian rupees. During his tenure, Twitter’s sales increased by 17.45%, resulting in a $1 million salary plus a bonus every year. Agarwal also received an annual performance bonus of up to $150% of his base pay. Twitter fired eighteen executives, leaving Agarwal with a net worth of about $50 million.

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