Pandya Store 22nd April 2023: Shivang is Happy Because She Stole Krish and Prerna’s Passports!

“Pandya Store” is an Indian soap opera that is shown on TV and is spoken in Hindi. At the start of the show, Suman is giving Gautam advice when Krish walks in with his luggage. Shiva asks Krish where he is going. Krish says he is going to Canada, which surprises the Pandyas.

Shivang calls Shweta on video and tells her what’s going on at the Pandyas’ home. Dhara sees this, but she goes quietly to the kitchen and pretends to make tea. While she’s there, she listens in on what’s going on in the hall. Suman tries to persuade Krish not to go to Canada and says he will get Prerna to forgive him.

But Krish says that Prerna won’t forgive him, so he and Prerna plan to go to Canada. He yells in anger that they have taken away his happiness again. Prerna packs up her things and tells her mother she is going back to Canada. Her mother asks if Krish is also coming, but Prerna says that Krish is not coming and won’t let her mother talk to him.

The parents of Shweta, who live in Canada, want to talk to Prerna, who lives in India. Shiva gets mad and grabs Krish by the collar of his shirt. He asks him how he could say that they could ruin Shiva’s happiness.

Gautam asks Shiva to let Krish go, but Krish still says that they can’t fix the problem by talking, only by hitting. He tells Gautam to hit him, and Suman starts to cry and moan


Pandya Store 22nd April 2023: Shivang is Happy Because She Stole Krish and Prerna’s Passports!

Gautam tells Krish not to leave the house and to stay. Krish asks them why they didn’t try to stop Prerna and why they didn’t believe him when he said Shweta had raped him. He wishes that they had tried to explain things to Prerna. Krish then asks the Pandyas if anyone had touched his bag, and he sees that he can’t find his passport.

Pandya Store 22nd April 2023: Shivang is Happy Because She Stole Krish and Prerna's Passports!

Also, Prerna can’t find her ID and is getting more and more worried. Rishita tells Krish to check his room to see if his ID is there. Gautam keeps trying to get Krish to stay, but Krish is still set on leaving. He goes upstairs to his room to look for his passport. Shiva goes to Dhara and tells her they don’t need tea.

He then goes to the stove and turns it off. Shiva tells Dhara that Krish is her child and asks her to stop Krish from leaving the house. Dhara says she is making tea for herself. Dhara tells him that she is no longer connected to them in any way. Krish asks the Pandyas where his passport is kept.

This makes Shiva angry, but Gautam calms him down. Shweta, meanwhile, eats ice cream and has fun while she watches the chaos. Suman suggests that Krish looks for his passport in everyone’s room. Suman takes Krish to her room and tells Krish how sad she is that she thinks she stole.

Krish tells Suman that they had planned similar things with Dhara before. Krish should ask Dhara about the IDs, says Suman. Shiva says that the thought is silly because Dhara doesn’t care about them and is just drinking her tea. Dhara walks out of the kitchen while sipping her tea.

When Shivang ends the call, Shweta is upset. Krish is happy when Prerna comes to the Pandyas’ house. Prerna tells Krish that she can’t find her ID. Shivang meets with Shweta and gives her Krish and Prerna’s stolen IDs. Shweta is happy and gives Shivang a hug to thank him.

Prerna says that Krish stole her passport and gets angry at him, telling him to give it back. Krish says he doesn’t have it and also says that he can’t find his own visa. Prerna doesn’t believe him and says she’ll call the cops if he doesn’t give it back by the next day. Krish is confused about where their IDs could be.

Pandya Store 22nd April 2023: Shivang is Happy Because She Stole Krish and Prerna's Passports!

When Prerna drives away in her car, she tells Shivang and Shweta to hide. They want to put Prerna and the Pandyas in jail for making fake money and then act like they are going to save them.

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