Our Dining Table Season 2 Release Date: Streaming Platform, Expected Plot and Trailer Updates

Our Dining Table Season 2 Release Date: The drama series Our Dining Table Season 2 is coming out soon. It’s about a moving Japanese BL series in which the connection between food and love can change people’s lives. Follow Yutaka, a talented but shy salaryman, as he learns how hard it is to eat with other people. Two brothers from different generations, Tane and Minoru, change his life.

On April 6, 2023, the first season started. Fans of Our Dining Table are very happy that there will be a second season and want to know more about it. We know how excited you are, so here is everything you need to know about the second season of Our Dining Table.

Our Dining Table Season 2 Release Date

It was announced that the first season of Our Dining Table would start on April 6, 2023. There were seven episodes in all. The other seasons will come out in the years to come.

Our Dining Table Season 2 Release Date

The answer to whether or not Our Dining Table will come back for a second season has not been given yet. It needs to be confirmed right now if it will be renewed. Also, the show hasn’t been given the official go-ahead by the studio that makes it. Even so, the show’s creators have said they are interested in making a second season and given ideas for plots.

Where to Watch Our Dining Table Season 2?

The first season of Our Dining Table Season 2 can be seen on TBS, so the second season will also be on that channel. Fans of Our Dining Table are very happy that there will be a second season and want to know more about it. The second season of Our Dining Table hasn’t been set in stone yet. If it gets made, you’ll probably be able to watch it on TBS, just like the first season.

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What Will Be the Plot of Our Dining Table Season 2?

“Our Dining Table” is about Yutaka, a young man in his early 20s who is shy and quiet and finds it hard to eat out in public, even though he is a talented cook. Yutaka lives alone, works alone, and doesn’t talk to his coworkers at the design studio where he works.

One day, Yutaka was eating lunch alone in a playground when Tane, another child who was there alone, came up to him and asked to try one of the riceballs Yutaka was eating. Tane says that the flavor is delicious, and Yutaka agrees, even though he is surprised. Tane’s older brother, Minoru, shows up and tells Tane he shouldn’t have talked to a stranger. Even though Yutaka is upset, they end up becoming friends in a way that neither of them had planned.

Minoru asks Yutaka to teach Tane how to make a riceball, and Yutaka reluctantly agrees. As they spend time together cooking, Yutaka starts to open up and enjoy their company. He starts to look forward to the comfort and company of their shared meals. As Minoru and Tane make him feel at ease, Yutaka’s worries about eating with other people start to go away.

The Cast of Our Dining Table Season 2

If renewed, Our Dining Table Season 2 cast will include Inukai Atsuhiro as Hozumi Yutaka, Iijima Hiroki as Ueda Minoru, Maeyama Kuuga as Ueda Tane, Harada Ryuji as Ueda Koji, Furuhata Seika as Ohata Rei, Ichikawa Tomohiro as Hozumi Yuki, Tamada Shiori as Nao [Minoru’s ex-girlfriend] and Kobayashi Ikuma as Hozumi Yutaka [Child].

What Happened in Our Dining Table Season 1?

At the end of Season 1 of “Our Dining Table,” a lot of important things happen and feelings change. Yutaka, the quiet main character, tells Minoru about his horrible family history and how, as a child, his adoptive family didn’t show him love, warmth, or comfort. This debate helps them learn more about each other and makes their friendship stronger.

Our Dining Table Season 2 Release Date

In a touching sequence, Tane, the happy child who has grown close to Yutaka, calms him down. Even though he doesn’t fully understand what’s going on, he pats Yutaka on the head to show he cares. This shows how much they care about each other, regardless of how old they are or who they are related to.

Minoru tells Yutaka he loves him at a key moment, which makes Yutaka hesitate and react with surprise. He doesn’t tell Minoru he doesn’t want to be with him, but his silence makes us wonder about the relationship. Along with the emotional changes, there are sensitive conversations and Minoru’s family is there to help. Minoru’s father talks to Yutaka and makes him feel welcome in the family by being kind and accepting of him. Yutaka finds comfort in their friendly and helpful environment, which is different from his apartment, which is empty and poorly furnished.

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Is There Any Trailer for Our Dining Table Season 2?

Does Our Dining Table have a trailer for its second season? No, I’m afraid not. Since the famous show Our Dining Table Season 2 hasn’t been picked up yet, there is no trailer. But as soon as we know more, we’ll let you know!


The drama series Our Dining Table Season 2 is set to release on April 6, 2023, following the story of Yutaka, a shy salaryman who learns the importance of food and love in his life. The series follows Yutaka, who becomes friends with two brothers, Tane and Minoru, who help him overcome his shyness and struggle with eating out in public. The second season will be available on TBS, similar to the first season.

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