One Piece Episode 1068 Release Date, Spoilers, Expectations and Where to Watch

One Piece Episode 1068 Release Date: The anime of One Piece is going slowly forward, and it will soon catch up to the manga. In recent chapters of the manga, there have been a lot of big changes. Some of these changes have not only shaken up the story so far, but they have also given us some new exciting scenes that we can’t wait to see in the anime. While we wait for these things to happen, this article will tell you everything you need to know about when the next One Piece cartoon episodes will come out and what you can expect from them.

One Piece Episode 1068 Release Date

The long-awaited One Piece Episode 1068 will air on Sunday, July 9, 2023, at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). You can watch this episode of the well-known anime series on Crunchyroll. As the story goes on, fans can expect Luffy and his crew to go on exciting adventures and fight thrilling battles as they try to find One Piece, the final prize.

  • Pacific Time: 7 PM
  • Eastern Time: 10 PM
  • British Time: 3 AM
  • European Time: 4 AM
  • India Time: 7.30 AM
  • Philippine Time: 10 AM
  • Australia Central Time: 11.30 AM

Where to Watch One Piece Episode 1068?

Crunchyroll is the only place where you can watch One Piece often. The show is usually simulcast on Crunchyroll, but you’ll have to watch it in Japanese with English subtitles. One Piece is also available on other streaming sites, but the episodes aren’t always updated, so you won’t be able to watch the newest ones.

One Piece Episode 1068 Spoilers

“Moon Princess Echoes!” is the name of One Piece Episode 1068. The end of Wano Country!” As Zunesha walks into Wano, Kozuki Momonosuke tells him that the big elephant is Joy Boy’s friend. Momo is asked for permission by Zunesha to join the fight and help him. Yamato thinks it’s cool that Momo can talk to the elephant.

One Piece Episode 1068 Release Date

Momo also says that Oden wrote about Laughtale in his diary, but he tore out the page about Laughtale. The young Samurai worries about the safety of his people and doesn’t want to “open the borders of Wano” as his father wants. On the other hand, Orochi finally finds out that Komurasaki is really Kozuki Hiyori, Oden’s daughter.

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She says that the song “Moon Princess” that she often plays was her dad’s favorite. She wears a Kitsune mask because she can’t smile while playing the song Oden loved. Hiyori hides her face so no one will notice that she is sad and angry. The fight between Luffy and a drunk Kaido will also go on in this show. Kaido thinks back to the first time he met Big Mom and feels sad that she lost. He also feels bad that she lost after they promised to work together to find the One Piece prize.

One Piece Episode 1067 Recap

In One Piece Episode 1067, the main thing people talk about is still the violent fight between Kidd, Law, and Big Mom. As Kaido and Big Mom get ready to work together, Kidd and Law are determined to stop Big Mom’s anger and her feeling that she is all-powerful. While the rebellion is on its last legs, Yamato leads an attack on the fiery monk in the underground armory.

Law and Kid start to lose hope, though, because Big Mom’s life force is so strong and tough. Kid finds out from Law that he can only hit once more. Even though their chances of winning are low, things get much worse when Big Mom calls up a monster that traps the two fighters in an even more complicated situation. The big question is whether or not the rebels can beat Kaido and Big Mom’s huge power as the battle bells sound their death.

The Storyline of the One Piece Series

Once upon a time, there was a bad guy named Gol D. Roger. He became known as the Pirate King when he had enough money, fame, and power. When he was finally caught and about to be killed, he said that his money, which was called “One Piece,” was hidden along the Grand Line.

Then everyone looked for and found the One Piece prize. Still, no one ever found out where Gol D. Roger hid his fame, and crossing the Grand Line turned out to be impossible.

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Monkey D. Luffy was born 22 years after Gol D. Roger died. He grew up to be a pirate and went looking for the wealth Gol D. Roger had hidden so he could become Pirate King.


The anime of One Piece is progressing, with recent changes bringing new exciting scenes and exciting scenes. Episode 1068, titled “Moon Princess Echoes!”, will air on Crunchyroll on July 9, 2023. The show follows Luffy and his crew on thrilling adventures as they search for One Piece, the final prize.

The episode will be simulcast on Crunchyroll in Japanese with English subtitles. The show also features a fight between Luffy and drunk Kaido, who must confront Big Mom’s anger and her all-powerful nature. The storyline revolves around Gol D. Roger, a pirate who hid his money, “One Piece,” along the Grand Line.

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