ODI World Cup 2023 Ticket Updates and Price: Know all Details Here!

ODI World Cup 2023 Ticket: The much-anticipated tickets for ODI World 2023 will likely be on sale on Thursday, ending the long wait. Earlier, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) said that it is working with the International Cricket Council (ICC) to speed up the process. Since BCCI changed the schedule for the IND vs. PAK match, fans are only looking for news about the tickets.

For those who don’t know, the IND vs. PAK game was moved because it was going to happen on Christmas Eve. Not only that game, but also ENG vs. PAK could be moved up. The way the BCCI announces ticket prices will depend on how the plan changes. Last week, BCCI also told all state groups that it was okay to come up with prices for each World Cup site. The Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) is the only group that has said how much seats will cost.

No E-tickets for World Cup 2023

In another big change, there will be no more E-tickets. Instead, fans will have to pick up their passes at the box office counters. Also, BCCI will get as many free tickets as they need for each game, up to 300. Also, the state must give the ICC 1295 tickets for league games and 1355 tickets for the games against India and the semifinals. When InsideSport asked BCCI about the date, they said it would be August 10.

ODI World Cup 2023 Ticket

Before, problems with the WC plan and taking too long to choose a partner slowed down the whole process. BCCI will now let two online ticket sites handle the sales of ODI World Cup 2023 tickets. Tickets for the WC will be sold by both BookMyShow and PayMyShow. There won’t be any digital tickets, though. The price of each ticket will be anywhere between Rs 500 and Rs 10,000. Prices will vary on where the game is played and who is playing.

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India Matches in World Cup 2023

  • India vs AUSTRALIA – Oct 8, Chennai
  • India vs AFGHANISTAN – Oct 11, Delhi
  • India vs PAKISTAN – Oct 14, Ahmedabad
  • India vs BANGLADESH – Oct 19, Pune
  • India vs NEW ZEALAND – Oct 22, Dharamshala
  • India vs ENGLAND – Oct 29, Lucknow
  • India vs QF2 – Nov 2, Mumbai
  • India vs SOUTH AFRICA – Nov 5, Kolkata
  • India vs QF1 – Nov 11, Bengaluru


The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is working with the International Cricket Council (ICC) to speed up ticket sales for ODI World 2023. The schedule for the IND vs. PAK match has been changed, and fans will need to pick up passes at box office counters. BCCI will receive up to 300 free tickets for each game and provide 1295 and 1355 tickets for league and semifinal games. Tickets will be sold by BookMyShow and PayMyShow, with prices varying depending on the game and location.

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