Noah Thompson and HunterGirl Return to ‘American Idol’ for Duet

Noah Thompson and HunterGirl Return to ‘American Idol’ for Duet: The fourth week of auditions for season 21 of “American Idol” aired on March 19, 2023, and included two familiar faces. During one of their concerts together, season 20 winners Noah Thompson and HunterGirl welcomed a new “Idol” hopeful onstage.

Mariah Faith, a 21-year-old from Conway, South Carolina, wowed the celebrity judges at her Nashville audition, and they invited her to perform the following night at SkyDeck on Broadway, opening for Thompson and HunterGirl. As previously reported by Heavy, the “Idol” alums shot the segment on November 11. They became good friends throughout the show and have performed together frequently since. Let us discuss Noah Thompson and HunterGirl Return to ‘American Idol’ for Duet.

Competitor Mariah Faith Recalls Her ‘Dream Come True’ Performance With Noah Thompson and HunterGirl

Faith informed the judges during her audition that her step-dad, whom she considered her “best friend in the whole world,” wanted her to have lots of opportunity to develop her musical skills, so the family relocated from Baltimore to a tiny town in South Carolina when she was eight years old.

“When he found out that I had a singing voice, he said, ‘That’s it, we’re packing up and leaving. You know, she doesn’t need to be here; she needs to be somewhere where others can assist her. So he packed me up and shipped me off to South Carolina, where I promptly took up singing, piano, and dancing. When he heard me sing, he understood it was because I earned it.

Faith’s step-dad passed away from a heart attack in the spring of 2019, while Faith was a senior in high school. She felt she had no choice but to “suck it up” and continue producing songs while being devastated by his death.
Perry believed Faith sounded too shy during her audition song, so she stopped her and had her sing “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt, who also has a scratchy voice like Faith’s. The judges said the 21-year-old nailed the song, and Bryan was moved to tears by her performance.

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When he told her, “You are on the edge of greatness,” he meant it.

When asked by producers how she felt about being chosen to perform before Thompson and HunterGirl, Faith responded, “I definitely feel like my daddy was in the room with me today, definitely gave me the boost I needed.”
Bluesy and soulful, Faith’s performance of Morgan Wallen’s “You Proof” on “Idol” came after an exciting encounter backstage with other contestants Thompson and HunterGirl.

“Singing on this stage means the world to me,” she gushed on the show. All my insecurity as a creative person and in my own abilities washed gone. Knowing I may be in their position is a dream come true. Just give me a year, that’s all I’m asking! This is the finest night of my life, hands down.

What Are Noah Thompson & HunterGirl Doing Now?

Thompson stated, “It’s hard to believe a year ago today we were auditioning for this show and now we’re standing here and one of the contestants are coming to open up for us!” during the episode of “Idol” in which they welcomed Faith to the stage.

Since being crowned season 20’s victor and runner-up, he and HunterGirl have had a hectic 10 months. Both have recorded singles and performed around the United States. HunterGirl was born in Nashville, but Thompson relocated there from Louisa, Kentucky, early in 2023 to devote himself to music.

Noah Thompson and HunterGirl Return to 'American Idol' for Duet

As part of his “Idol” reward, 21-year-old Thompson signed a record deal with BBR Music Group and BMG and has since released many singles. Before anything else, he released his country rendition of Rihanna’s “Stay,” which he had previously played on “Idol,” as well as a song he had written just for the program titled “One Day Tonight.” Having dropped “Make You Rich” in October, he has since been encouraging Instagram followers to pre-save his upcoming track, “She Gets It From Me.” He has been hard at work in the studio, producing new songs that he “can’t wait for ‘yall to hear,” as he recently stated on Instagram.

HunterGirl, meantime, opened for various country singers, including Lainey Wilson on March 16, and signed a record deal with BBR Music Group, as reported by Showbiz CheatSheet.

Wilson responded to HunterGirl’s Instagram post in which she thanked her for the chance by writing, “Love you girlfriend!” HunterGirl’s track “Red Bird,” which she played on “Idol,” went to No. 1 on iTunes’ All Genre and Country charts, per Country Chatter, and she launched her second single, “Hometown Out of Me,” in October. She will be going on tour with a number of different acts, including as an opener for Parmalee and her former “Idol” judge Bryan.

Thompson, HunterGirl, and David Archuleta (an “Idol” alum) also made appearances. Paige Anne, 16, revealed images of herself at age six wearing a t-shirt with the singer’s image since she was such a fan, and she and the 2008 runner-up chatted digitally. The adolescent was given advice on how to audition with confidence from Archuleta, who first went on the show when he was 16. Her yes votes from Bryan and Richie were like a golden ticket to Hollywood, so his advice may have helped.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With whom did Noah Thompson perform a duet?

Etheridge, Melissa
Thompson, Noah Featuring Melissa Etheridge in a duet YouTube: I Seem to Be the Only Viewer of the American Idol 2022 Finale.

How far did Noah get on American Idol?

After winning American Idol 20 and moving his music career to Nashville, Noah Thompson found himself making frequent flights back and forth from his home in Kentucky.

Which American Idol single did Noah Thompson release?

Noah Thompson’s New Single “One Day Tonight”.

Is HunterGirl in It with Him?

When Noah and Hunter Girl were both at the event, they became great friends. There were allegations that the two were dating when TikTok videos surfaced of them hanging around. But Noah has maintained that they are merely pals and not dating.

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