Nikki Tamboli Plastic Surgery Before and After: Here’s Something You Need to Know in 2023

Nikki Tamboli Plastic Surgery Before and After: Nikki Tamboli’s plastic surgery has made a lot of people look at her, and funny trolls have made fun of her. Here’s something you need to know.

Nikki Tamboli is a well-known Indian actress and reality TV star who got a lot of attention after she appeared on the hit show Big Boss.

Tamboli was in the 14th season, and he came in second place. She also took part in Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 11, which was different from Big Boss.

Nikki has also made features in movies like Chikati Gadilo Chithakotudu and Kanchana 3. Also, she has a strong following on Instagram.

Tamboli has been in the press for a long time and has been in the news for many different reasons. Her surgery news has led to a lot of trolling.

Nikki Tamboli Plastic Surgery Before and After

Netizens have compared a lot of pictures of Nikki Tamboli from before and after her surgery, which leads them to believe she had it done. It’s been a long time since people talked about reports that she had plastic surgery.

People write a lot of comments when she posts photos on Instagram, and some of them also ask about the surgery. Tamboli recently put up a picture and a movie on IG.

In the post, someone wrote, “I don’t know if she’s had plastic surgery or not, but she’s pretty bomb.” Also, this is not the first time Tamboli has been made fun of because of how she looks.

Nikki Tamboli Plastic Surgery Before and After:

Because she went to some events, a lot of people have teased her and made a lot of jokes about her. Someone once wrote, “Plastic ki dukan,” which means “plastic shop,” on an Instagram post.

Tamboli hasn’t said anything about the reports that she had surgery, even though there have been a lot of them.

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What is Wrong With Nikki Tamboli’s Face?

After hearing reports about Nikki Tamboli’s surgery, most people have said that she had face surgery because she looks different than she did before.

People have said that Nikki’s face looked a little different than it did before, which may have added to the reports that she had plastic surgery.

People on the Internet say that Nikki has had surgery on both her cheek and lips. But it can’t be said for sure if Nikki has had surgery to change how she looks.

Indian actresses have been known to get plastic surgery to make themselves look better.


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Nikki Tamboli Before and After Photo

As was already said, Nikki Tamboli became famous because of how she looked, which led to reports that she had plastic surgery. Because of this, there are a lot of before and after pictures of plastic surgery on the Internet.

When we look at the two pictures side by side, we can see that Tamboli’s face looks different. Many websites have also posted fake pictures of Tamboli and linked them to his name.

Nikki Tamboli Plastic Surgery Before and After:

Many of Tamboli’s fans have shown their support for him and also asked that the fake news not be spread. Tamboli might tell her fans more about the surgery reports in the future since they are worried about her.

So, if we want to know what’s going on in Nikki’s life, we can follow her on Instagram, where she is @nikki_tamboli.

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