Nikesh Arora Net Worth 2023: How a Ghaziabad Born Engineer Becomes a Rising Star?

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Nikesh Arora Net Worth 2023

Under Nikesh, who wants to make Palo Alto the first cybersecurity company worth $100 billion (8,245,000 crores), the company has hit heights that have never been reached before. Under his leadership, the company’s market capitalization grew by $27.8 billion (2292 million rupees) over three years, he gave $3.6 billion (296 million rupees) back to owners, and in FY2022, the company made a record $5.5 billion (453 million rupees) in sales. Arora was in charge of Palo Alto during the COVID-19 pandemic, and he decided to give up $1 million (8 Crores) of his income. The company didn’t get rid of a single worker.

The financial report for Palo Alto Networks says that Arora was paid more than $33.5 million over the past two years. Based on the average USD-INR exchange rate in July 2021, Nikesh made a total of $23.28 million in 2021, which is about Rs 174 crores for the fiscal year that finished in July of that year. Using the same average for July 2022, Nikesh made $10.40 million in 2022. This is the same as Rs 82.7 crore.

Nikesh Arora Income Per Day

In the last two years, Nikesh has been paid more than Rs 256.1 crore in compensation. This has added more than Rs 35 lakh to his wealth every day. According to the most current IIFL Wealth Hurun India report, he is one of the richest CEOs in the world with a net worth of Rs. 8,500 crore.

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Nikesh Arora Career

Nikesh Arora began his career at Fidelity Investments in 1992. He worked in a number of finance and technology management jobs before becoming vice president of finance at Fidelity Technologies. Arora was born in Ghaziabad, and he joined Google in 2004.

Nikesh Arora Net Worth 2023

Arora worked at Google for ten years and moved up the ranks before leaving the company in 2014. After that, he joined Softbank, where business mogul Masayoshi Son called him a “rising star.” Arora put money into big deals at Softbank, like the ones with Ola, Snapdeal, and Oyo Rooms.

Under his direction, the company made investments worth about $2 billion (164 million crores). At the time, he was one of the world’s highest-paid business leaders, making $73 million (about 601 crores) a year. In Japan, his first soft-back pay package was a record.

Nikesh Arora Biography

Nikesh Arora was born in the city of Ghaziabad in the state of Uttar Pradesh on February 9, 1968. His dad was a member of the Air Force. So, he used to travel all over India and go to different CBSE schools to learn. He went to Bhu Banaras and got a degree in engineering there. He got his degree in electronics engineering. He kept going after that. He wanted to be a manager, so he went to the United States to study management and get a degree.

He went to Northeastern University in Boston and got a degree in management. Later, he went back to the same school and got a degree as a certified financial analyst. As soon as he finished college, he went to work for a Wall Street investment company.

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He was a great investor, but day-to-day investing was not his thing. So, he left that company and started T Motion, which is his own business. T-Mobile bought that business in the end. He was promoted to the CEO of T-Mobile. He worked for almost five years at T-Mobile. He got $100 million from T-Mobile as a settlement for leaving the company. He went to work for Google after he quit T-Mobile. Yes, from 2004 to 2007, he was in charge of Google’s business in Europe.

Nikesh Arora Wife

We know that Nikesh Arora married Ayesha Thapar because we have proof of it. Nikesh Arora is not with anyone as of January 12, 2023.

Relationships: We don’t know who Nikesh Arora dated in the past. You could help us find out when Nikesh Arora was born.


Nikesh Arora is the CEO of Palo Alto Networks, a cybersecurity company worth $100 billion. He has been paid more than $33.5 million over the past two years and has given up $1 million of his income during the COVID-19 pandemic. Nikesh Arora is one of the richest CEOs in the world with a net worth of Rs. 8,500 crore. Nikesh Arora graduated from Bhu Banaras and Northeastern University, then worked for T-Mobile and Google. He married Ayesha Thapar and is not with anyone as of 2023.

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