Nicola Wilson Horse Fell Accident: Where’s Nicola Wilson Now? 2023

Nicola Wilson Horse Fell Accident: People have been interested in the specifics of the Nicola Wilson horse accident and death hoax. After the accident at the Badminton Horse Trials, Nicola Wilson is now in the critical care unit.

Nicola Wilson is the European individual eventing winner, but she is still getting urgent care at Southmead Hospital because she fell off her horse at the Badminton Horse Trials the weekend before.

Wilson, who lives in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, stumbled as she and JL Dublin got close to the end of their cross-country race on Saturday, May 7.

In a statement made yesterday (May 10), a British equestrian said that she had “several spinal fractures” but did not need surgery.

BE said that Nicola was taken to Southmead Hospital, where the trained staff took very good care of her.

“Nicola is getting care that is very important, and she will be there for about a week. She can speak and breathe on her own.

Let’s read the piece in depth to find out more about the Nicola Wilson Horse Accident case.

Nicola Wilson Horse Fell Accident- Death Hoax

Nicola Wilson Horse Accident information. Wilson, who lives in Danby Wiske, near Northallerton, fell off JL Dublin during the cross-country part of Badminton on May 7.

The silver winner in eventing at the 2012 Olympics and current European champion was taken right away to Southmead Hospital in Bristol, where she has been ever since.

She hurt her back badly, and she is now being treated in urgent care.

Nicola Wilson Horse Fell Accident:

She is likely to stay in Bristol for at least another week before she might be moved to a spinal-specific unit closer to her home in North Yorkshire.

Nic is still in intensive care. A message on her website says that she is expected to stay there for seven to ten days before being moved to a spinal unit closer to home.

She still feels comfortable and happy. Dubs is happy and satisfied as he enjoys the sun and the green grass of spring.

Nic, Alastair, and Mary want to thank everyone at Southmead Hospital for how well she is cared for and how much they know.

They also want to say thanks for all the messages of support they have gotten.


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Where’s Nicola Wilson Now?

Four and a half months after her accident at Badminton in May, British European champion Nicola Wilson was let out of the spinal therapy unit at The James Cook University Hospital. She went home to be with her family.

Nicola goes on to say how thankful she is for the help she got from the people who work at the James Cook and Southmead Hospitals, whom she calls her “newfound family.”

Because of the damage to her spine, she can’t move her arms, hands, and legs as much as she used to. She has had to relearn how to do many things.

Nicola is always positive and realistic, even though she has a hard road ahead of her. At the end of the day, spending time with her family at home has become the best gift of all.

Nicola Wilson Horse Fell Accident:

I’m glad that step one is over, but she told me I still have a lot of therapy and work to do. With Nicola’s video update, you can see and hear more of what she has to say.

Sarah’s recovery is going well, and we continue to wish her and her family the best. We’ll let you know if we find out anything new. We’re all pulling for you, Nicola!

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