A Tourist’s Guide to Love Will Stream on Netflix?

Welcome to the world of wanderlust and romance with “A Tourist’s Guide to Love.” This new romantic comedy will take fans on an enthralling trip as a charming traveler starts on a love hunt in a faraway location. This film promises to be a touching and enjoyable study of love, culture, and adventure, with a diverse and brilliant cast that includes Scott Cook, Missi Pyle, Ben Feldman, and prominent Vietnamese stars Nst Lê Thin and Quinn Trc Trn. Prepare to be whisked away and taken on a lovely cinematic experience with “A Tourist’s Guide to Love.”

The Storyline for “A Tourist’s Guide to Love”

“A Tourist’s Guide to Love” follows Amanda, played by Scott Cook, a travel executive who finds herself at a crossroads when a surprise breakup upsets her life. Amanda decides to go incognito on a group tour in Vietnam, a country she has long wanted to visit, in search of solace and a fresh start. She had no idea that this journey would affect her life in ways she had never imagined.

In Vietnam, Amanda meets Sinh, a fascinating and adventurous ex-pat guide portrayed by Scott Ly, who introduces her to the country’s beauty beyond conventional tourist attractions. Amanda and her companion travelers discover the joy of spontaneity, the excitement of adventure, and the chance of love in unexpected places as they embark on an off-the-beaten-path voyage.

The film is not only a romantic comedy, but it is also a personal journey for Amanda as she deals with heartbreak, self-discovery, and starting over. Cook was captivated by the character’s path of resuming her life as a producer on the film, a theme that resonates with many who have faced breakups and changes in their lives.

The story of “A Tourist’s Guide to Love” was inspired by screenwriter Eirene Tran Donohue’s real-life experience, which she modeled on her own painful breakup on a trip to Vietnam that changed her life. Donohue wished to produce a story that goes beyond the typical depiction of Vietnam in American films, presenting the country as a modern, thriving place full of joy, love, and celebration.

Aside from its touching tale, “A Tourist’s Guide to Love” is a groundbreaking film since it is the first US film to be shot fully on location in Vietnam. The film portrays the country’s spectacular beauty and rich culture, offering a new and realistic viewpoint on Vietnam as a tourism destination.

So pack your bags and prepare to embark on Amanda’s voyage of self-discovery, adventure, and possibly finding love in the most unlikely locations. “A Tourist’s Guide to Love” promises to be a joyful and uplifting romantic comedy that will transport you to Vietnam for an unforgettable experience.

A Tourist’s Guide to Love

A Tourist’s Guide to Love Release Date

The romantic comedy “A Tourist’s Guide to Love,” which Netflix will begin streaming on April 21, 2023, is expected to enthrall viewers. Mark your calendars for this eagerly anticipated release date if you’re a fan of the romance and comedy genres. As it depicts the follies of a charming traveler searching for love in a foreign city, the movie promises to take audiences on a fascinating journey.

“A Tourist’s Guide to Love” is certain to deliver an engaging and pleasurable viewing experience for viewers willing to indulge in a feel-good romantic comedy thanks to its original premise, endearing characters, and uplifting moments.

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Who is in the A Tourist’s Guide to Love cast?

“A Tourist’s Guide to Love” is a truly multinational cast, with a great array of actors each bringing their own distinct flavor to the film. Missi Pyle, Ben Feldman, Glynn Sweet, Alexa Povah, Jacqueline Correa, Nondumiso Tembe, Andrew Barth Feldman, and Morgan Lynee Dudley co-star with Scott Cook.

Notably, the film also features popular Vietnamese actors Nst Lê Thin and Quinn Trc Trn. The film’s true charm, though, is found in the chemistry between Cook and his co-star, Ly, who plays Sinh, the Vietnamese-American male love lead. Ly’s character is defined as a “happy-go-lucky, very loving person who just loves life and lives in the moment,” which is a feature that Ly shares.

Cook praises Ly, praising his compelling and distinct personality and expressing excitement for people to see his talent on the big screen. “A Tourist’s Guide to Love” promises to be a gripping and unforgettable romantic comedy with such a diverse and skilled cast.

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