Netflix Glamorous Series Will Make You Feel Fabulous on June 22!

Are you ready to get glam? Netflix has a new show that will make you feel beautiful and fierce. Glamorous is a drama-comedy about a gender-nonconforming gay young man who gets the job of a lifetime as an intern at a cosmetics business. The series features Miss Benny, Kim Cattrall, Lisa Gilroy, and more. Here is everything you need to know about Glamorous, including the release date, cast, plot, trailer, where to watch and many more.

Glamorous Release Date

Glamorous will be available on Netflix on Thursday, June 22, 2023. The series will have 10 episodes that will all be available to stream around the world.

Who Will Be in the Cast of Glamorous?

The cast of Glamorous includes:

  • Miss Benny plays Marco Mejia, a young gender non-conforming gay man who gets the internship of a lifetime at a cosmetics company whose goods he criticized YouTube.
  • Kim Cattrall plays Madolyn Addison, a veteran from the Golden Age of Supermodels who is the founder and CEO of the famous boutique beauty brand that bears her name. The smart executive wants to shake up her business and sees a chance in Marco Mejia (Miss Benny). She takes him from the makeup counter to a seat at the table, upsetting some people along the way.
  • Lisa Gilroy as Alyssasay.

Netflix Glamorous Release Date

  • Zane Phillips plays Chad, Madolyn’s devoted son and the Director of Sales for her beauty business. Chad is stuck in a never-ending quest to live up to his mother’s expectations.
  • Jade Payton plays Venetia, Madolyn’s ambitious and stylish first assistant. She takes the newly hired Marco under her wing and teaches him not only how to handle the office but also the gay Brooklyn nightlife4.
  • Michael Hsu Rosen [he/him] plays Ben, a graphic artist at Glamorous by Madolyn who is full of angst and opinions and has built a wall around his heart. That is until he meets Marco, who inspires him to move out of his comfort zone.
  • Ayesha Harris plays Britt, a fellow graphic artist at Glamorous by Madolyn. She has had a crush on her coworker for a long time, and when they meet by chance, her crush is returned. This starts a relationship that gets serious in more ways than one.
  • Graham Parkhurst plays Parker, a confident, self-proclaimed jock who is the perfect gay cis-male that can’t be reached. He meets Marco by chance, which starts a game of pursuit4

What Will Happen in Glamorous?

Glamorous is about Marco Mejia (Miss Benny), a transgender high school graduate who gets the internship of a lifetime at a makeup company whose products he trashed on YouTube. Madolyn Addison (Kim Cattrall), CEO, entrepreneur, and founder of Glamorous Cosmetics, and a former supermodel, built one of the best makeup companies in the world from the ground up.

Netflix Glamorous Release Date

But something is happening lately. The company isn’t just slipping, it’s falling like it’s being destroyed from the inside. Not wanting to let that happen, Madolyn hires Marco right out of high school to be her summer intern.

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She has a plan: she wants him to be her eyes and ears, to make friends, and find out what’s going on behind her back, like “what they’re hiding and what they’re stealing.” In return, she’ll teach Marco everything she knows, but she tells him, “This business isn’t all glitter and glamour, and neither is life.”2

Where Can We Watch Glamorous?

You can watch Glamorous on Netflix starting on June 22, 2023. You will need a Netflix account to watch the series.

What Can We Expect from Glamorous?

You can expect Glamorous to be a fun and fabulous show that tackles ideas like identity, sexuality, friendship, family, and ambition. You can also expect to see drama, comedy, and romance along the way. The show has been compared to Ugly Betty because it has a similar idea and tone3. If you want to watch a show that will make you laugh, cry, and feel moved, Glamorous is for you.

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Production News About Glamorous

Glamorous was first going to be a CW series, which was first revealed in November 2018. A pilot was shot in 2019 with Brooke Shields and Peyton List. In June 2019, after CW thought about it, the show was not picked up and was cancelled. In April 2022, the show moved to Netflix, which ordered a full series.

The drama series comes from Star Trek: Discovery and Quantico co-executive producer Jordon Nardino and Damon Wayans Jr. Nardino writes and executive produces the 10-part thriller series, which is also executive produced by Wayans Jr. and Kameron Tarlow of Two Shakes Entertainment2. Filming started on July 12, 2022, and finished on November 15, 2025.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Glamorous Based on a True Story?

No, Glamorous Isn't Based on a Real-life Story. It is an Original Series Made by Jordon Nardino.

Is Glamorous Safe for Kids?

No, Glamorous is Not Made for Kids. It Has a TV-MA Rating, Which Means Only Adults Can Watch It. It Has Language, Sexual Material, and Drug Use.

How Many Seasons of Glamorous Are There?

As of Right Now, There is Only One Season of Glamorous With 10 episodes. There is No Official Word on Whether There Will Be a Second Season or Not.

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