Neelam Gill Net Worth: How Rich is the Rumoured Girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio?

Neelam Kaur Gill is a model who was born in London in 1995 and is of British- Punjabi origin. She is 28 years old. Her parents are the children of Indian immigrants and were born in the UK. Her grandparents are from Punjab, India. She has done work for Burberry, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Vogue.

Neelam Gill has been a big name in the modelling business for a long time. But she got a lot of attention when the Indian-Origin Model Rumoured To Be Dating Leonardo DiCaprio. Everyone wants to know about her and we are here for important information about her life.

Who is Neelam Gill?

Neelam Kaur Gill was born in Coventry, United States, on April 27, 1995. Since 2014, she has lived in London. Neelam’s grandparents are Sikhs from the Indian state of Punjab. They were born in India. Gill has talked about bullying, depression, and body image problems on her YouTube channel. She has also said that she “feels sorry” for online trolls.

Neelam Gill Net Worth


Neelam Gill’s Net Worth

According to Various sources, Neelam Gill has an estimated net worth of 20 Crore. She earned this money through her career as a fashion model.

Neelam started modelling when she was 14 and signed with the NEXT Model Management agency. Since then, she has made a big difference in the business. She made history when she was the first Indian model to be in a Burberry ad campaign ten years ago.

Neelam Gill is still a well-known name in the fashion world because of her unique mix of British and Punjabi roots. She recently went to the Cannes Film Festival, where she met Leonardo, who was there to see Killers of the Flower Moon, his latest movie.

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Neelam was also seen in Mumbai at the opening of the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre, which was a big deal. On her trip, she walked the runway for Dior’s first show in India. As a proud Punjabi girl, this was a very important moment for her.

Neelam Gill’s Career

Neelam Kaur Gill has been in well-known magazines like Vogue and has worked for well-known names like Burberry. Because of her ability, she has been invited to high-profile events like the Cannes Film Festival, where she recently made a stunning appearance.

Neelam Gill is also the first model from India to be in a Burberry ad. “I’m really glad I work for a company that values diversity,” she told Teen Vogue. “This is especially true because Burberry is a British brand, and they know that being British doesn’t just mean being white.”

Neelam Gill Net Worth

The next year, she became the face of Abercrombie & Fitch, an American store for young adults.

This year, Neelam also walked the runway for the Dior show in Mumbai. “This is my first show for Dior!! Honoured is not enough of a word. I am very thankful to have been a part of this historical moment, especially as a Punjabi girl. An excerpt from a note she posted on Instagram says, “It was truly magical and emotional to see our culture and heritage honoured by a fashion house I’ve admired for so many years.”

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Recently, the model from India was seen at the opening of the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre in Mumbai. She wrote about the event, “India is definitely on the map and will always have my heart. It was an absolute pleasure to attend the opening of @nmacc.india; from a world-class fashion exhibition (curated by @hamishbowles) to ‘The Great Indian Musical,’ with an amazing performance by Mrs. Nita Ambani herself! I will truly remember this experience, the pride we all felt for our culture, and all the wonderful people I met and shared joy, fun, and energy with from all over the world who came to celebrate the opening of the NMACC and learn more about our roots.

Neelam Gill’s Boyfriend

Neelam Kaur Gill’s love life is being looked at. Sources say that she was seen in London with Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio.

Neelam Gill Net Worth

Page Six said that DiCaprio had dinner with the Oscar-winning actor. Irmelin Indenbirken, who is DiCaprio’s mother, and a few other friends also went with them. People on the internet are wondering “what’s cooking” because pictures of their meeting are going around the web.


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