NCIS Season 21 Confirmed for Release: Release Date, Story and Where to Watch

NCIS Season 21 Release Date: NCIS is a successful television crime drama that has kept people watching for more than 20 years. This long-running series has kept viewers on the edge of their seats season after season with its exciting plots, well-developed characters, and loyal fan base. Now, fans can’t wait for NCIS Season 21 to come out, so in this article, we’ll talk about everything we know about it.

After the 20th season, fans of this exciting crime drama TV show can’t wait for season 21 to come out. Fans of crime dramas want to know everything they can about this show because it has everything they want. In this article, we’ll look at everything we know about NCIS Season 21’s renewal, premiere date, cast, spoilers, episodes, and more. So, if you want to know more about season 21, you should read the sections that follow.

Is NCIS Season 21 Confirmed?

Even though the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes have pushed back the start of season 21 of NCIS, CBS has still confirmed that the show will be back for a 22nd season. CBS renewed NCIS for a 21st season in February 2023. They also renewed NCIS: Hawai’i for a third season.

NCIS Season 21 Release Date

Even though season 21 of NCIS was supposed to start in the fall, no one knows when it will come out right now. If production can start by the end of 2023, the show could start in early 2024 with a small number of episodes, but that seems unlikely.

NCIS Season 21 Release Date

Most likely, season 21 of NCIS will be pushed back to the 2024-2025 TV season. This will give the writers and actors more time to get back to work after the strikes are over, and the show will still have a full season. The show will stop being on that schedule for the first time in 2023.

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Where to Watch NCIS Season 21?

When season 21 of NCIS starts, you can watch it live on CBS. The next day, you can stream it on Paramount+. At first, CBS had planned to air NCIS season 21 on Monday nights at 9 PM, right before NCIS Hawai’i season 3. It’s not clear if the show will be on at the same time and night when it comes back.

Fans can watch the first 20 seasons of NCIS and the rest of the franchise on Paramount+ while they wait for NCIS season 21 to start.

The Story of NCIS Season 21?

Like most crime procedurals, NCIS follows a “case of the week” format, but it also usually has longer story arcs for the season, and the NCIS season 21 story should pick up a few threads from the previous season. One of these is the part with Agent Torres that leaves you hanging.

Torres is a character who has worked deep undercover in the past and has kept a lot of information about who he is and what he’s done from the rest of the team over the years. In the season 20 finale, he went undercover in a prison, and in the season 21 premiere, he was forced to face someone from his past at gunpoint. This shows that the character will be getting more layers peeled back in season 21.

NCIS Season 21 Cast

All of the main characters from season 20 should be in the cast of NCIS season 21:

NCIS Season 21 Release Date

  • Sean Murray as Special Agent Timothy McGee
  • Katrina Law as Special Agent Jessica Knight
  • Gary Cole as Supervisory Special Agent Alden Parker
  • Brian Dietzen as Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Jimmy Palmer
  • Diona Reasonover as Forensic Specialist Kasie Hines
  • Rocky Carroll as NCIS Director Leon Vance

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NCIS Season 21 Trailer

The team from NCIS is back for another exciting season. Join us as we watch the team solve more strange and dangerous cases. From the open sea to the deepest parts of the ocean, the team will face new problems, such as a complicated murder case and a dangerous criminal.

The group will also have to deal with old and new foes. With new characters and interesting plots, this season looks like it will be full of action and suspense. Prepare to help the team solve crimes and keep America safe.


NCIS Season 21 is set to return for a 22nd season, despite the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes causing a delay. CBS confirmed the renewal in February 2023, and NCIS: Hawai’i will also be renewed for a third season. The release date is uncertain, but it is likely to be pushed back to the 2024-2025 TV season. The season will follow a “case of the week” format, with Agent Torres returning from his past undercover work. The cast includes Sean Murray, Kathrina Law, Gary Cole, Brian Dietzen, Dina Reasonover, and Rocky Carroll. The season promises to be full of action and suspense.

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