Mohammed Siraj Net Worth: Salary, Cars Collection, House and Career Stats

Mohammed Siraj Net Worth: There is a man named Mohammed Siraj who you may know if you have been following Indian cricket lately or if you are just watching this season of the IPL. Siraj is one of the most important players on the Indian team. He played his first international game against New Zealand in 2017.

Many people who want to play cricket now look up to him, especially those who want to learn how to bowl with their right arm. Siraj has been playing really well in the IPL 2023 lately. In fact, he has been so good that he has helped the Royal Challengers Bangalore get some important wins.

Because of how well he plays cricket, he is one of the most sought-after players in the world, and his incredible net worth shows this. Mohammed Siraj’s salary and net worth shows how far he has come in his work. If you are a fan, here is everything you need to know about his earnings, records, and stats.

Mohammed Siraj Net Worth

Reports say that Mohammed Siraj’s net worth is about INR 47 crores. This is mostly due to his pay from BCCI, his IPL contracts, and his own businesses. Approximately INR 60 lakhs is what he makes each month, and INR 7 crores is what he makes each year. The main part of this is the INR 7 crores he gets for playing for RCB in the IPL.

Mohammed Siraj Net Worth

As you can see from his amazing list of possessions, Siraj owns a high-end designer home in Hyderabad and a number of other properties in the country. Siraj has good taste when it comes to his expensive cars. The fast bowler with the right arm bought a BMW car right after getting back from a tour of Australia. He also bought a Toyota Corolla with the money he got from his first IPL deal. Siraj is also one of the few players who has been given a Mahindra Thar by Anand Mahindra himself for playing so well at Gabba.

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Mohammed Siraj Cars Collection

The number of high-end cars that Mohammed Siraj owns is truly amazing. Some of the amazing cars he has are:

  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class, valued at Rs. 1.80 crores,
  • BMW 5-Series, a German luxury sedan with a price tag of Rs. 68.90 lakhs,
  • Toyota Fortuner, valued at Rs. 50.74 lakhs,
  • The iconic Range Rover Vogue, prized possession worth Rs. 4.17 crores.
  • Toyota Corolla, priced at Rs. 20.19 lakhs which he purchased from his inaugural IPL earnings.

His new wheels include a Thar SUV, which was a gift from Anand Mahindra worth Rs. 16.94 lakhs given to him in honor of his great work for Team India in the Test series against Australia in 2021.

In addition to his amazing cars, Siraj is also very interested in motorbikes. He owns the Yamaha R1, a high-end bike that costs Rs. 20.39 lakhs, and the Ducati Panigale V4, an exciting ride that costs Rs. 69.99 lakhs.

Mohammed Siraj House

Mohammed Siraj Net Worth

Mohammed Siraj owns a very fancy designer home in Hyderabad’s Film Nagar area of Jubilee Hills. Besides that, he has investments in a number of buildings in different parts of the country.

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Mohammed Siraj Career Stats

Siraj started playing cricket in 2015, but most people didn’t know much about him until the 2016–17 Ranji season when he led Hyderabad to a quarterfinal win. It was only nine games, but he took 41 wickets and was named the third-best player of the season. This great effort was seen by Tom Moody, who was coaching Sunrisers Hyderabad at the time.

Siraj joined the Sunrisers Hyderabad team because Moody suggested he should. He continued to do well even though he was (relatively) small for a right-arm fast bowler. Over the course of his six games, he took 10 wickets. Because of how well his first IPL season went, his starting price went from INR 20 lakhs to a huge INR 2.6 crores! That’s a big improvement, for sure.

He didn’t play in much of the 2017-18 Ranji Trophy because he was busy with the IPL. The cricket player made sure he played for the Vijay Hazare Trophy, though, and once again, he did a great job. Siraj took 23 wickets in just seven games. After this, he did something even better in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy: he took 10 wickets in just 5 games.


Mohammed Siraj, a highly sought-after Indian cricket player, has a net worth of INR 47 crores, primarily derived from his pay from BCCI, IPL contracts, and his own businesses. Siraj owns a high-end designer home in Hyderabad and several expensive cars, including a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 5-Series, Toyota Fortuner, Range Rover Vogue, and Toyota Corolla. He also owns a Thar SUV, a Mahindra Thar, and a Yamaha R1. Siraj started playing cricket in 2015 and made significant contributions to the Sunrisers Hyderabad team in the 2016-17 Ranji season. He played in the Vijay Hazare and Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, securing his place in the IPL.

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