Mira Road Murder: Accused Boiled Woman’s Body Parts in Pressure Cooker!

Mira Road Murder: Manoj Ramesh Sane, who is 56 years old, is said to have HIV and had never slept with the 32-year-old woman he killed and chopped up. He told the cops that Saraswati Vaidya, the woman who was killed, was “like his daughter.”

A report in Indian Express quoted a senior police officer as saying: “During the preliminary inquiry, Sane told police that in 2008 he discovered that he was HIV positive. Since then, he has been on medication. He said that he suspects he contracted the disease due to the use of infected blood during his treatment a long time ago after he had met with an accident.”

In his statement to the police, Sane also said that Vaidya was very possessive and thought he was cheating on her whenever he got home late, according to what the officer said.

32-Years Woman’s Body Boiled in Pressure Cooker

Details about the horrible crime in which a man accused of killing his live-in partner in Mumbai cut up the body with a tree cutter. The accused boiled the pieces in a pressure pot to get rid of any bad smells and then put them in plastic bags to throw away.

In Thane, Maharashtra, a 32-year-old woman was brutally killed by her 56-year-old live-in partner, who then cut her into pieces. This is a very scary murder case. The suspect, whose name is Manoj Sane, had been living with Saraswati Vaidya for the past three years in a rental apartment in the Akashganga building on Mira Road.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) of Mira-Bhayandar, Vasai-Virar Police Jayant Bajbale told that the accused boiled the pieces of the body, but he didn’t feed the dogs with the body pieces.

“We found several body pieces in utensils when we entered the house. The accused Manoj Sane killed her live-in partner Saraswati Vaidya and chopped her into pieces using a tree cutter. Body parts have been sent to JJ Hospital for further investigation,” Bajbale said.

HIV+ Accused Taught Math to Daughter-like Victim

The officer said that Sane said the 32-year-old woman was going to take her Class 10 SSC exams and that Sane was helping her learn math. The IE story said that the police found a board with math problems written on it on one of the walls of the seventh-floor apartment.

It had been said before that Sane met Vaidya at a food shop where he worked. Now we know that he also has a certificate from the Industrial Training Institute. The cop was quoted in the report as saying that Sane worked at a PDS shop for 10 years even though he had a certificate because he couldn’t find a better job.

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Manoj Sane Told that Saraswasti Vaidya Died by Suicide

Thursday, News18 said that Sane told police that Vaidya “committed suicide.” The senior cop told IE that on the morning of June 3, the accused saw the victim lying on the floor of their apartment in the Geeta Nagar area of Mira Road, near Mumbai.

Mira Road Murder

“He checked her pulse and found her dead. Fearing action against him, Sane he decided to get rid of the body,” senior officer quoted Sane’s confession.

Police Recovered All Chopped Body Parts

Sane had used an electric tree cutter to cut Vaidya’s body into small pieces. He then “boiled parts of it in a pressure cooker and roasted them on gas” to get rid of them quickly. On Thursday, cops went into the kitchen and found three buckets full of blood. It was said that small pieces of the body were in the buckets.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police, or DCP, Jayant Bajbale, was described in the IE article as saying that the body parts found in the kitchen have been sent to Sir JJ Hospital for forensic testing.

The story also said that the police are working with doctors to try to figure out what parts of the body are missing. DCP Bajbale of zone-1, Mira-Bhayander Vasai Virar police said that Sane was brought before a Thane court and put in police custody until June 16.

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A report from the Times of India says that the building’s CCTV cameras have taken pictures of Sane coming and going. The report said that the police still need to get footage of the time after the murder when Sane went outside to get rid of the body parts. Committee members told the report that camera pictures are kept for 15 days.


Manoj Ramesh Sane, 56, is said to have HIV and had never slept with Saraswati Vaidya, the 32-year-old woman he killed and chopped up. Sane told police that Vaidya was possessive and thought he was cheating on her. Manoj Sane met Saraswasti Vaidya at a food shop and had a certificate from the Industrial Training Institute. He used an electric tree cutter to cut Vaidya’s body into small pieces and boiled them in a pressure cooker and roasted them on gas.

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