Is Minx Season 3 Release Date Announced for 2024? What Will Happen in Upcoming Season?

Minx Season 3 Release Date: Today, we’ll discuss the third season of the American TV show Minx, which debuted on HBO Max on March 17, 2022. So far, there have been two seasons, and fans are eagerly awaiting the third. Ellen Rapoport makes and writes the scripts for this TV show. In the third season, the characters’ relationships with each other will also be looked at. Joyce will have to decide if she wants to date Doug, and Doug will have to deal with the consequences of his relationship with Tina. Other characters, like Bambi and Richie, will also have to deal with their own problems as they try to get published.

Minx Season 3 Release Date Expectations

In May 2022, HBO gave the show another season. But HBO Max canceled the Minx series in December 2022. After that, Starz picked it up, and on July 21, 2023, the second season of Minx came out on Starz. And now, HBO Starz will also show the upcoming third season.

Minx Season 3 Release Date

Minx Season 3 hasn’t been officially announced yet, but it’s likely to start on Starz in late 2024 or sometime in 2025. Members of the Writer’s Guild of America and SAG AFTRA are still on strike, which could slow down production of Season 3. Fans should be ready to wait.

Where to Watch Minx Season 3?

Starz plans to put out Minx Season 3 by the end of 2024 or early in 2025. This is because, starting with Season 2, Starz bought the comedy show.

Expected Story of Minx Season 3

There were a lot of unanswered questions at the end of Season 2, so it’s not clear what will happen in Season 3. But it’s likely that the show will keep looking at Joyce and Doug’s business and how it grows and changes, as well as how sexuality changed in the 1970s. With Joyce and Doug’s magazine, Minx, now a success, Minx Season 3 picks up where Season 2 left off. But their success has also brought them to the attention of powerful people who don’t like what’s in the magazine.

Joyce and Doug must find a way to deal with these new problems while staying true to what they want Minx to be. At the same time, Joyce’s relationship with Doug is also going through some tough times. Doug is having a hard time accepting that Joyce is now a better businessperson than he is. This makes them upset with each other, and they have to find a way to get along.

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The success of Minx has also caught the eye of some people in the women’s liberation movement. Some feminists don’t like Minx because they say it makes women look like objects. Joyce needs to find a way for her work on Minx to fit in with her beliefs as a feminist. Season 3 of Minx will go into these ideas in more depth, and it will be interesting to see how Joyce and Doug deal with these problems.

Possible Cast of Minx Season 3

The cast of Minx Season 3 is expected to come back. Ophelia Lovibond will play Joyce Prigger, a young feminist who works with Doug Renetti (Jake Johnson), a low-rent publisher, to make the first erotic magazine for women in the world. Idara Victor is back as Tina, Jessica Lowe is back as Bambi, Oscar Montoya is back as Richie, Lennon Parham is back as Shelly, and Michael Angarano is back as Glenn. Ellen Rapoport, who created the show, is also likely to come back as the showrunner.

Minx Season 3 Trailer Updates

Minx Season 3 Release Date

There is no trailer for season 3 of Minx yet. No teasers or trailers can be expected for Minx until the show is picked up for a second season and production starts. If Starz decides to keep the show going, the first trailers might come out a few months before the season 3 premiere.

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Minx Season 2 Recap

At the start of Minx Season 2, it would have been more unlikely for Bambi to have a Ph.D. in applied physics than for Joyce Prigger not to be at the top of the masthead. By the time the show ends on Friday, though, things have changed a lot.

Doug doesn’t mind if Constance comes to him and takes Joyce out of Minx’s life. Joyce realizes that the woman she thought was on her side and a good example is actually a narrow-minded backstabber. I’d like to hear your thoughts on the episode in a minute. It’s like the world of erotica publishing has been turned on its head. For now, read on to learn about the best parts of Woman of the Hour.


The third season of the American TV show Minx, which debuted on HBO Max in March 2022, is set to premiere on Starz in late 2024 or early 2025. The show will focus on the characters’ relationships, including Joyce Prigger, who decides to date Doug, and Doug dealing with the consequences of his relationship with Tina. The cast includes Ophelia Lovibond as Joyce Prigger, Idara Victor as Tina, Jessica Lowe as Bambi, Oscar Montoya as Richie, Lennon Parham as Shelly, and Michael Angarano as Glenn. Ellen Rapoport, who created the show, is expected to return as the showrunner. The show will explore themes of power dynamics, feminism, and the world of erotica publishing.

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