Meri Saas Bhoot Hai: Gaura Gets Dressed and Goes to Som’s Room

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai is an Indian TV show in Hindi that has both scary and funny parts. The show, which just started on STAR Bharat, is about the relationship between Gaura and Rekha, her dead mother-in-law who has turned into a ghost. Gaura is married to Som, so it will be interesting to see how a human daughter-in-law and a ghost mother-in-law interact with each other.

n the last episode, Gaura was going to ask Twinkle to stay away from Som by meeting with her. Som, on the other hand, needs to stay away from Gaura and figure out how to solve her problem for good.

Rahul told Ganga and Kanchan that something invisible was hitting Gaura over and over again. Kanchan said something about Gaura’s mind after she saw Som. Som called Twinkle, but she didn’t do what he asked because she remembered what her father had told her. Gaura went to Twinkle’s house, and Rekha got mad. She blew air at Gaura and told her to leave.

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai: Gaura Gets Dressed and Goes to Som's Room

But Gaura wouldn’t let her, and she told Twinkle not to date someone else’s husband. Rekha made Gaura fly across the air, so Twinkle and her maid ran behind the couch. Gaura begged Rekha to leave her alone, but Rekha pushed Gaura down to the ground. Gaura walked into the house, and Twinkle grabbed a vase and told her not to get too close.

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Meri Saas Bhoot Hai: Gaura Gets Dressed and Goes to Som’s Room

Gaura asks Twinkle to promise not to get in the way of her relationship with Som. Rekha tells Twinkle that she shouldn’t listen to Gaura. Gaura asks Twinkle not to get in the way of them. Gaura is talking to someone, but Twinkle doesn’t know who it is. Gaura says she is talking to her husband’s mother.

“Ghost!” shouts Twinkle. Rekha is made fun of by Gaura. Rekha stands up for Twinkle and uses a cushion to hit Gaura. Twinkle says that Som is hers. Rekha makes Gaura spin. Twinkle makes a video that she plans to send to Som to get him to agree to a divorce. Twinkle says that Gaura is getting in the way of her and Som.

Gaura calls her a “sindoor chor,” which means someone who steals another woman’s husband. Twinkle says she won’t let Som and Gaura have this baby together.

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In the next episode, Gaura gets dressed and goes to Som’s room to wait for him. Som goes to see a lawyer, who gives him the divorce papers and tells him to get Gaura’s signature as soon as possible, so he can file for divorce in court.

Meri Saas Bhoot Hai: Gaura Gets Dressed and Goes to Som's Room

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