Maya Petika Movie OTT Release Date, OTT Platform and Storyline of the Movie

Maya Petika Movie OTT Release Date: The movie about Maya Petika will come out on June 30, 2023. We’ve seen a few movies recently where the whole thing was shot on a smartphone, but a new Telugu movie is being made right now with a smartphone as its main focus. The new concept posters for the movie Maya Petika, which just came out, caught the attention of Telugu fans.

Maya Petika Movie OTT Release Date

The people who made Maya Petika haven’t said anything about its digital rights yet, and the movie won’t come out until June 30, 2023. Viraj Ashwin, who was one of the main characters in Ramesh Raparthi’s movie “Thankyou Brother,” is now the main character in “Maya Petika.” The first trailer for this movie was just shared by Rana Daggubati, and it looks good. The people who made this movie haven’t decided yet whether it will be shown in theaters or go straight to digital channels. At the moment, there is no solid information about when the movie will be available on OTT.

Maya Petika Movie OTT Platform

Anasuya Bharadwaj played the main role in the film “Thankyou Brother,” which was directed by Ramesh Raparthi and starred Anasuya Bharadwaj. We will have to wait and see if Maya Petika is a remake, like “Thank You Brother,” after it comes out. The makers have not yet told anyone about the movie’s satellite and digital rights.

What is the Storyline of Maya Petika Movie?

In the movie Maya Petika, a small group of people from different social classes are each given a brand-new smartphone with very cutting-edge technology. As time goes on, their surroundings will change, and the fact that they have smart phones will cause them to face a number of problems.

The Cast and Crew of Maya Petika Movie

In this movie, Paayal Rajput plays the main role, but there are also other players. The movie was directed by Ramesh Raparthi and starred Rajith Raghav, Viraj Ashwin, Simrat Kaur, Sunil, Prudhvi Raj, Himaja, Shyamla, and Srinivas Reddy, among others.

The cameraman is Suresh Ragutu, the music is by Guna Bala Subramanian, and the director is D Venkata Prabhu. Magunta Sarath Chandra Reddy and Tharaknath Bommi Reddy are the ones who made the movie Maya Petika.

Maya Petika Budget and Box-office Collections

Maya Petika, a horror movie by Paayal Rajput, cost about 1.5 crores to make, and it needs to make about 2 crores to break even.

The Trailer of Maya Petika Movie

The trailer for Maya Petika is on YouTube, and it looks pretty interesting. The movie’s makers haven’t said much about the story, but the trailer has made people want to see the movie. But you can see the video down below.

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About Maya Petika Movie

The video for the scary movie Maya Petika came out today. The movie with Viraj Ashwin, Payal Rajput, Rajath Raghav, Simrat Kaur, and a great group of other actors will come out on June 30. The video makes it clear that the smartphone is our hero and that he tells his story and talks about how he became a part of many people’s lives.

Maya Petika Movie OTT Release Date

In the 3-minute-and-7-second sample, a number of stories are told about how a certain smartphone changed their lives and how it turned them upside down. The tension is kept up by the great music and beautiful pictures. Each story seems to be about something different, but we won’t know how they will be linked until June 30.

Power, love, money, and gadgets seem to be at the center of the movie. The bar was raised by the trailer, which had a friendly theme and material. Everyone is now very excited to see the story of the hero on a big screen. Sunil, Himaja, Prudhvi Raj, Jagadeesh Pratap, Shyamala, and many more also act in the movie.

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Magunta Sharat Chandra reddy and Bommireddy Tharaknath reddy, who run the Just Ordinary entertainment company, are paying for the movie. Guna Balasubramanian is making the music for the movie, and suresh Ragutu is in charge of the camera work.


Maya Petika, a Telugu horror movie, is set to release on June 30, 2023. The film follows Viraj Ashwin, a character from Ramesh Raparthi’s “Thankyou Brother,” as he becomes the main character in a new smartphone. The movie stars Paayal Rajput, Rajith Raghav, Viraj Ashwin, Simrat Kaur, Sunil, Prudhvi Raj, Himaja, Shyamla, and Srinivas Reddy. The film’s budget and box-office collections are unknown, but the trailer has garnered interest. The movie revolves around power, love, money, and gadgets, with the trailer showcasing the story of the hero.

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