Mark Selby Wife Illness: Lets Talk About His Wife, Wiki, Marriage Life and Cancer Update in 2023

Mark Selby Wife Illness: Find out what’s going on with Vikki Layton’s health. Where did Mark Selby’s wife go? Mark Anthony Selby MBE is a professional English snooker player who has won the World Snooker Champion title four times.

Mark Selby is now the best player in the world, according to the rankings. He started working when he was 16 and is now the World Snooker Champion.

He has won four World Snooker Championships, three Master Championships, and two UK Championships.

Selby went to the World Championship Final for the first time as a professional in 2007. John Higgins, on the other hand, beat him.

He has been in the first place more than once, and his 22 ranking wins make him the eighth-best event winner of all time.

Many people have been doing different online searches to find out more about Mark Selby’s wife, Vikki Layton Illness.

Vikki Layton Mark Selby Wife Illness 2023: Illness And Cancer Update

As of the year 2023, Vikki Layton is living and in good health. But her husband, Mark Selby, has said that he has problems with his mental health.

He said that he had a “relapse” in his fight against sadness. In the semifinal on Friday, Barry Hawkins beat Selby by a score of 6-1. He was very disappointed with how he did.

Selby said in silence that he had problems with his mental health. But recently, it started to affect his work, and he ran into problems.

Mark Selby Wife Illness:

His showing against Hawkins made him feel very disappointed. He hadn’t told anyone about his mental problems until now. But he was honest about his sickness and said he was depressed.

Mark was the only child in his family as he grew up. When he was 16, his father died of cancer, and when he was eight, his mother left him.

His interactions with his parents may have been traumatic and hurt his mental health in a big way.

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Vikki Layton on Wikipedia: How old is Mark Selby’s wife?

The Wikipedia page does not have any information about Vikki Layton. From her shots, it looks like she is in her mid-30s.

But Selby’s wife hasn’t told the press or the public how old she is. In 2003 and 2004, Vikki played in two snooker events. Then, she and her husband of 11 years moved in together.

She took part in the 2003 WEPF Ladies World Championship in Blackpool, England, before going to Jersey for the Ladies European Championship.

Vikki made it to the semifinals of the second competition, but Barbara Taylor, another pool player, beat her.

Vikki was born in Ipswich, and she is a full-time mom right now. When she was a teen, she became very interested in the sport.

She was a professional pool player for a short time, but she only played in a few games. However, it looks like her boyfriend has helped her reach her goal.

Vikki doesn’t play pool anymore, but she still goes to all of his snooker games to cheer him on.


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Marriage Life of Vikki Layton and Mark Selby

In 2010, Vikki and Mark got engaged, and in 2011, they got married. In May 2011, close family and friends came to Mexico to watch the pair say their vows at their wedding ceremony.

The wedding took place in Cancun, which is in Mexico. The couple met for the first time at a job interview in 2006.

Their daughter, Sofia Maria, was born in 2014. When they had won tournaments in the past, they had shown their daughter pictures of the whole family celebrating.

Mark Selby Wife Illness:

Mark beat Ding Junhui in 2016 to win his second world title. He did this in memory of his late father-in-law, who had died in September 2015.

The man with only one child said, “I don’t have a big family, so I think of Vikki’s family as mine.

“When I won it two years ago, her dad was here to see it. But last year, she lost her father. So, his being gone was pretty sad.”

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