Malli Pelli OTT Release Date, OTT Platform, Storyline and Cast of the Movie

Malli Pelli OTT Release Date: Malli pelli’s creators haven’t said anything about the film’s digital rights, but it will be shown for the first time on May 26, 2023. Malli pelli is a love, drama family telgue movie. The movie is directed by M. S. Raju, and Bhaskar Mudavath is in charge of making it. This movie is a good time, and it stars Naresh and Pavithra Lokesh, who are said to be in love.

Malli Pelli OTT Release Date

The most exciting movie right now is Malli Pelli. Fans and followers of Naresh are eagerly expecting for Malli Pelli to come out sooner. Are you dying to know when and where Malli Pelli will come out? Read on to find out when the movie Malli Pelli will be available on Amazon Prime Video. The long-awaited Malli Pelli movie should come out on OTT Platform in July 2023. The movie Malli Pelli has a Cast, and M.S. Raju was in charge of making it. In the parts that follow, you’ll find information about when Malli Pelli ott will be available on Amazon Prime Video.

Where to Watch Malli Pelli Online?

The movie Malli Pelli was supposed to come out in July 2023, and fans and people who like Naresh are eager to watch it online. Since most movies are now aired online, Malli Pelli will only be available on a popular OTT platform so that fans can watch and enjoy it online. On Amazon Prime Video, people can watch the Malli Pelli.

Malli Pelli Movie OTT Platform

Jayasudha has a big part in this movie, and she has been doing great work in all of her movies, no matter what language they are in. Her most recent role was as Varisu. Other than Malli Pelli, she has been in many movies in different languages. The makers haven’t told us anything about Malli Pelli’s digital rights yet. We’ll know more after the film’s premiere in theaters.

Malleshm, which came out in 2019, was Ananya Nagalla’s first movie. She was praised for how she did in the movie. After that, she couldn’t get major lead roles for women, but she took every chance she could and had a big part in Pawan Kalyan’s Vakeel Saab. Urvasivo Rakshasivo was the last movie she was in. She has also been in Bootcut Balaraju and Samantha’s Shakunthalam, both of which will be released on April 14, 2023.

Malli Pelli Movie Budget and Box-Office Collections

The cost of making the movie Malli Pelli was at least 3 crores. For this movie to break even, it needs to make about 4 crores by the end of its run in theaters. I hope this movie makes enough money for the makers to break even and then make more money.

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What is the Story of Malli Pelli Movie?

Malli Pelli OTT Release Date

The makers of the movie “Malli Pelli” haven’t said much about the plot, but there are many reports that the story is based on real-life events that happened to both of the lead actors. The name of the movie also hints that it will be about an older couple who decide to get married. Let’s wait until the story of the movie is made public.

The Cast and Crew of Malli Pelli Movie

The movie’s other actors are Pavitra Lokesh, Jayasudha, Sarathbabu, Vanitha Vijayakumar, Ananya Nagalla, Roshan, Ravi Varma, Annapoorna, Bhadram, Yukta, Praveen Yandamuri, Madhoo, and others.

The film is directed by MS Raju, with cinematography by MN Bal Reddy, music by Suresh Bobbili, editing by Junaid Siddique, and production by Naresh under the Vijaya Krishna Movies label.

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About Malli Pelli Movie

The well-known producer and director MS Raju is in charge of the “Malli Pelli” movie. In the past, he has made big hits like “Okkadu” with superstar Mahesh Babu and “Varsham” with Prabhas. Later, he became a director with the movie “Vaana,” which was a copy of the super-popular Kannada film “Mungaru Male.” MS Raju was successful as a producer, but he failed many times as a director. Let’s see if this expert director can at least make this Telugu movie a hit.


Malli Pelli is a love, drama family Telugu movie directed by M. S. Raju and Bhaskar Mudavath. It stars Naresh and Pavithra Lokesh and will be available on Amazon Prime Video in July 2023. Jayasudha has a big part in the movie, and Ananya Nagalla has been in many movies. The movie “Malli Pelli” is directed by MS Raju and stars Pavitra Lokesh, Jayasudha, Sarathbabu, Vanitha Vijayakumar, Ananya Nagalla, Roshan, Ravi Varma, and Annapoorna.

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