Mahesh Bhatt Net Worth: Salary, House Value, Income Dependency and Achievements

Mahesh Bhatt Net Worth: Mahesh Bhatt is an Indian director whose net worth in 2022 is estimated to be Rs. 373 Crore INR ($48 Million). Without a Producer, Bollywood movies would not be complete. One famous person once said, “If there were no producers, there would be no movies.” Bollywood movies depend a lot on film production to be successful, and Mr. Mahesh Bhatt is a great example of a director who has taken Hindi cinema to great heights.

He is a popular director who has made a lot of successful movies. He is a co-owner of “Vishesh films,” which is one of the biggest production companies in the Bollywood industry. Read about how much Rajnikanth and Aamir Khan are worth as well.

Mahesh Bhatt Net Worth

Mahesh Bhatt Net Worth

According to a source, Mahesh Bhatt is believed to have a total net worth of 48 Million USD, which is about 373 Crore Indian Rupee (i.e. Three Hundred and Seventy-Three crore INR). In the last few years, Mr. Mahesh Bhatt’s wealth has grown by 55%. Mr. Bhatt’s net worth is made up of the money he makes from movies, his personal investments, and his production company. As a philanthropist, he is also one of the most important people when it comes to giving to good causes and charities. He is also one of the most wealthy people in the country.

Mahesh Bhatt Salary

Mahesh Bhatt’s movies have always brought in a lot of money for him. The director makes more than Rs. 3 crores a month, which means he makes more than Rs. 36 crores a year. Mahesh Bhatt makes around Rs. 11 crores for each movie he is in.

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Mahesh Bhatt House Value

Mahesh Bhatt lives with his wife and children in a beautiful home in Mumbai’s upscale Juhu neighborhood. Also, he bought a luxury house in Navi Mumbai for Rs. 6.5 crores, which added to the number of properties he owned.

Mahesh Bhatt has gone into the foreign property market as part of his efforts to spread out his real estate investments. Aside from that, he has a good eye for business sites and has made smart investments in things like his production office.

Mahesh Bhatt Net Worth Dependency

Mahesh Bhatt Net Worth

A lot of a celebrity’s money comes from how many fans they have. Mahesh Bhatt is one of the most well-known directors, producers, and artists in India and other places. Mr. Bhatt is also a co-owner of Vishesh Films, which is one of the biggest privately owned production houses in the country. He has also put money into more than one piece of real estate. So, we can be very sure that Mahesh sir’s net worth will continue to grow over time.

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Mahesh Bhatt Achievements

Many people have praised Mahesh Bhatt for his work in movies. In 1994, for his work as a producer on Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke, he won the National Film Award – Special Jury Award. In 1996, the National Film Award for Best Film on Other Social Issues went to the movie he directed, Tamanna. In 1999, his autobiographical work Zakhm won the Nargis Dutt Award for Best Feature Film on National Integration and had a big effect.

One of his early works that got a lot of attention was Saaransh, which was shown at the 14th Moscow International Film Festival. This movie was chosen as India’s official entry for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in the year it was made.


Mahesh Bhatt, an Indian director, is estimated to have a net worth of Rs. 373 Crore INR ($48 Million) in 2022. He is a co-owner of Vishesh Films, one of the largest production companies in the Bollywood industry. Bhatt’s net worth has grown by 55% in recent years, primarily from his movies, personal investments, and his production company. He is a philanthropist and has made significant investments in real estate and business sites. Bhatt’s net worth is expected to continue growing over time.

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