Live Your Own Life Episode 8 Release Date: Recap and Where to Watch

Live Your Own Life Episode 8 Release Date: Hyo-sim, a fitness instructor at TS Fitness, serves as the protagonist of this Korean drama. However, she is struggling under the weight of her familial obligations. Hyo-sim is the only girl in a family with four brothers, so she handles the family budget and does the less desirable-housework. Her two younger brothers are both clever but self-centered, while her older brother is self-centered and solely cares about his own family.

Hyo-sim seeks refuge with her mother from her domineering brothers, but she consistently betrays her trust by siding with them. A series of failures are brought to a head by Kang Tae Ho, a young, passionate gym member. By deciding that reclaiming her life is her top priority, she takes the first step toward calming her anxious mind.

Live Your Own Life Episode 8 Release Date

On Saturday, October 21, at 8:05 p.m. (KST) / 6:05 a.m. (CST), Live Your Own Life Episode 8 will premiere. Subtitles for Live Your Own Life are expected to be released alongside the film. The length of Episode 8 is expected to be 60 minutes, the same as previous episodes. Subtitles on Viki make the Korean drama more accessible to international audiences.

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How Many Episodes Does Live Your Own Life Have?

It’s been said that Live Your Own Life will contain 20 episodes and air twice a week. Despite the fact that 50 episodes are reported by some sources.

What Happened in Live Your Own Life Episode 7?

Tae-min, Tae-ho, and the rest of the Taesan crew attend Hyung-soon’s memorial service in Live Your Own Life, episode 7. The deceased boy’s mother harbors resentment toward Tae-min because of how he and his family treated her other son, Hyung-soon. Tae-ho confronts Tae-min about his reservations in Hyung-soon’s mother’s story during the burial. Tae-min feels insulted and urges Tae-ho to mind his own business in a roundabout way because he has forgotten everything since leaving for college.

Live Your Own Life Episode 8 Release Date

It looks like Hyo-sim is nodding off in the driveway of her house. Then, Myung-hee bumps into her and initiates a conversation. Back in her room, Hyo-sim really loses it. One of Sook-hyang’s minions who is trailing Tae-ho then becomes the center of attention. After this, he finds him close to the destroyed car. Sook-hyang goes into a panic after hearing the news from her subordinate. After that, she has him look out for Tae-ho.

Hyo-sim calls in sick the following day and stays at home. Sun-soon, meantime, is grieving for herself as a mother. She makes matters worse when she runs into Hee-joo and Hee-joo warns her to quit asking for aid. She also mocks her for not being her son’s mother. Sun-soon is greatly frustrated by this.

Hyo-do, meanwhile, is seen hiding his true identity behind a mask. Tae-hee, his current roommate, goes grocery shopping with him. In the meantime, Sook-hyang’s subordinate gives Hyo-sung the task of shadowing Tae-ho and promises to promote him if he does so.

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When Ggeut-soon hears that Myung-hee will be renting the terrace room at Uicheon Villa, she is pleased. In response, Ggeut-soon is shown clearing up the clutter as per Myung-hee’s instructions. Tae-min reaches out to Hyo-sim later that day to propose an exciting activity. She agrees when he says he’ll call her the next day. In the final moments of the episode, we see Sun-soon drinking heavily and suffering a breakdown. Then Ggeut-soon shows up at her door and leads her to her bedroom, where she tells her the sad tale of Sun-soon.


Live Your Own Life is a Korean drama about Hyo-sim, a fitness instructor struggling with her family’s obligations. She seeks refuge with her mother but betrays her trust. Episode 8 will premiere on October 21, with subtitles on Viki. The drama will consist of 20 episodes, airing twice a week. Episode 7 follows Hyung-soon’s memorial service, where Tae-min, Tae-ho, and the Taesan crew confront her resentment. Hyo-sim calls in sick, while Sun-soon grieves for herself as a mother.

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