Little Things Season 5 Release Date Rumors: Is It Renewed for Season 5

Little Things Season 5 Release Date: If you want to know when Little Things Season 5 will come out, you’re in the right place. It is an Indian romantic comedy series made by Dhruv Sehgal that you can watch on Netflix. The story is about a couple named Dhruv and Kavya. They live in Mumbai, which is the financial capital of India. Through the eyes of Indian millennials, the series looks at love, family, relationships, city life, being alone, and the fear of missing out. Here’s what we know so far about when the fifth season of Little Things will come out and whether or not it will.

Little Things Season 5 Release Date

On October 25, 2016, the first season of Little Things came out. On October 5, 2018, the second season of the show came out. Also, the third season came out on November 9, 2019, and the fourth and last season came out on October 15, 2021. Yes, you heard right, the fourth season of Little Things was the show’s last. This means that the show won’t be back for a fifth season.

Little Things Season 5 Release Date

After four successful seasons, the show was over. Why did it happen? We don’t know the exact reason why the show was canceled, but it’s likely that the creators didn’t want to drag out the story, so they just stopped making it.

Where to Watch Little Things Series?

Well, if you like romantic comedies and want to watch something complicated, I know someone who likes to watch things that are hard to understand. But sometimes you want to watch something with your partner that has a lot to do with the two of you. Then go to Netflix and watch this show all at once.

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Little Things Season 5 Storyline

Little Things looks at the complicated parts of daily life for two people who live together. We see the good times and bad times that Kavya and Dhruv have as they learn to live together and accept each other for who they are, flaws and all. This lovely story is a touching account of the exciting journey of a couple who live together.

Throughout the series, Dhruv and Kavya go through different things that strengthen their friendship. Even so, they eventually learn to be at peace with each other, which leads to a happy engagement in the fourth season. Little Things does a great job of capturing the spirit of their long-term relationship. It shows how committed they are to each other and how much fun it is to build a life together.

Little Things Season 5 Cast

Little Things Season 5 Release Date

Mithila Palkar plays Kavya Kulkarni on the show, and Dhruv Sehgal plays Dhruv Vats. Apart from them, the show also includes Navni Parihar as Ila Kulkarni, Rishi Deshpande as Satish Kulkarni, Vikram Kochhar as Dhruv’s friend, Lovleen Mishra as Dhruv’s mother, Veer Rajwant Singh as Akash, Sanjay Gurbaxani as Kavya’s boss, Palvi Jaiswal as Sana, Paresh Pahuja as Raunak, Priyanka Arya as Sushmita, Ashish Bhatia as Amey, Shikha Chowdary as Anmol, Sainika Ghaises as Nupur, Sarla Shah as Mrs. D’Mello, and Vivaan Shah.

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What Happened in Little Things Season 4?

The story of the couple Kavya and Dhruv, who live in Mumbai, is at the heart of the series. Little Things takes us on a trip through their sweet love story. In the first season, we saw how well they could adjust to each other, and then they got into an oddly cute fight. When Dhruv moved to Bangalore for a job, their lives were turned upside down. In the meantime, Kavya got a promotion that was well-deserved.

Both of them had a lot to do, like starting a new job, getting to know their new coworkers, and taking care of their personal lives. There were many problems, and they also had to figure out how to be together even though they lived far apart. In the third season, Kavya decided to go see her family in Nagpur. Dhruv said goodbye to her as she left on her trip. As the fourth season went on, the two went through new problems in their personal lives and in their relationship.


Little Things Season 5 is set to release on Netflix, following the successful release of the first, second, and third seasons. The show follows the love story of Dhruv and Kavya, a Mumbai-based couple, as they navigate daily life, love, family, relationships, and city life. The fourth season, which was the last, will be released on October 15, 2021. The cast includes Mithila Palkar as Kavya Kulkarni, Dhruv Sehgal as Dhruv Vats, and others. The series follows the couple’s journey through various challenges, including moving to Bangalore, starting a new job, and dealing with personal issues.

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