Lightning Degree Chapter 160: Release Date| Major Spoilers| Where to Read and More!

Lightning Degree is a very famous Chinese web novel written by Fire God and translated by Novel Updates. The book is in the genres of action, adventure, fantasy, martial arts, and romance. It tells the story of Ye Xinghe, a young man who wants to become a strong star martial artist and explore the vast and mysterious night sky. But his life changes when he meets a mysterious girl named An Xueyun, who is the leader of the Star Martial God Clan’s daughter. Together, they go on a trip full of dangers and secrets, meeting enemies and allies from different clans and realms.

Lightning Degree Chapter 160 Release Date

Lightning Degree Chapter 160 is scheduled to come out on May 30, 2023. One new part comes out every day. But there may be some delays or changes to the schedule due to things that were not planned. So, readers should check the official website or app of Novel Updates for the latest updates and alerts.

What to Expect from Lightning Degree Chapter 160?

The story of Lightning Degree Chapter 160 has not been told by the author or the translator yet. But based on what’s been said in the earlier chapters, it seems likely that:

Lightning Degree Chapter 160 Release Date

Ye Xinghe and An Xueyun will keep going on their journey to find out the secrets of the night sky and their own beginnings. They will face more challenges and enemies from different clans and realms who want to capture or kill them for their own gain. They will also meet more allies and friends who will help them or join them on their journey. As they face problems and risks together, they will also grow closer to each other.

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Who is in the Cast of Lightning Degree Chapter 160?

The main players in Lightning Degree are:

  • Ye Xinghe: The main character of the book. He is a skilled and hardworking star martial artist who has the rare Lightning Star Martial Spirit. He is loyal, brave, good, and moral. He has a crush on An Xueyun and promises to protect her at all costs.
  • An Xueyun is the main character of the book. She is the leader of the Star Martial God Clan’s daughter and Lin Tianrui’s girlfriend. She is beautiful, stylish, smart, and graceful. She has a special connection with Ye Xinghe and slowly grows feelings for him.
  • Lin Tianrui is the main villain of the book. He is the son of the Lin Clan’s head and is engaged to An Xueyun. He is proud, cruel, ambitious, and vicious. He wants An Xueyun’s beauty and power, and he wants to get rid of Ye Xinghe as a foe.
  • Xia Yuning is a supporting character in the book. She is the princess of the Xia Empire and grew up with Ye Xinghe. She is happy, lively, cute, and friendly. She has a secret crush on Ye Xinghe and supports him in all he does.

Where to Read Lightning Degree Chapter 160?

Lightning Degree Chapter 160 can be read on the Novel Updates website or app. Novel Updates is a reliable and legal site that offers free, high-quality translations of many Chinese webbooks. Readers can also help the author and translator by making comments, ratings, or donations on their individual pages. Readers can enjoy reading the previous chapters or watching fan-made movies or animations based on the book on sites like YouTube or TikTok.

Recap for Lightning Degree Chapter 159

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Kim Dokja’s mother and Mobius met in secret in Chapter 159. Mobius brought up the issue of Kim Dokja when the two met to talk about it. Kim Dokja caught the attention of this funny bad guy after he changed the result of the last arc in a big way.

Lightning Degree Chapter 160 Release Date

After looking into his life, Mobius found out that he had known his mother for a long time. He tried to get her to tell him something, but she didn’t want to say anything solid. When being nice didn’t work, he threatened the girl who was with them, and she cast a spell on herself before the meeting even started.

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Dokja’s mother finally gave in and let Mobius look at her memories. This helped him figure out what he could do with this knowledge. He learned some interesting things about Kim that he could use against her later. And because of what she remembered, he got the idea that he wasn’t anything special. But he doesn’t see that she doesn’t know important things about Dokja.

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