Last One Standing Season 3 Release Date: Expected Story, Cast and Everything You Need to Know!

Last One Standing Season 3 Release Date: Often, reality shows put famous people in dangerous natural settings or make them do survival tasks in order to win. The show’s winner is revealed as the person with the most score credits or the most people who made it to the end of the game. We’re going to talk about a different kind of reality show today, though. A funny show about surviving.

What you heard is true, and the show is even right. It started in 2022, with comics as both judges and contestants. However, this is not like that. This is a reality talk show, and it’s full of jokes, drama, and comedy. People were thrilled to watch this one-of-a-kind show on Netflix, a well-known OTT service.

Last One Standing Season 3 Release Date

After that, fans went crazy and begged for a second season. On March 8, 2022, the show was picked up for a second season, which came out on October 10, 2023. However, now that fans have seen the first shows of season 2, they want a third season too.

Last One Standing Season 3 Release Date

Now comes the big question. Will there be a third season? It’s not possible for Netflix to continue the show right now because the second season just came out. So we’ll have to wait weeks or even months before we hear back.

Where to Watch Last One Standing Season 3?

Netflix has a Japanese comedy reality show called Last One Standing that you can watch. The second season came out on October 10, 2023, and the last season is also available there for people to watch and enjoy.

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What is the Plot of the Last One Standing Series?

This is a Japanese show, and the new season just came out on Netflix. When it first came out last year, it was one of the best reality shows in the world because of its amazing, unique story and characters. Real-life shows usually have stars from movies or regular people with high-level jobs. But this show is run, played, and won by comics only.

For the last season, their job was to tell the contestant about one situation or story in each show. After that, they had to act out one part of the story and tell another part that was connected to the part they were reading. Now, in every show, at least one of the candidates had to be thrown out. The person who is thrown out will also be thrown out of the story the next time.

Last One Standing Season 3 Release Date

Nobuyuki Sakuma made this show, which is led by the famous duo comedian Nobu Chidori. Hyato Kawai directed it, and Royichi Tsuchiya wrote the script. Two people, Yoo Ussui and Seoya Horio, work together to make the show. You can watch both seasons on Netflix. The show was a huge hit in Japan because it had a unique and interesting plot and some very emotional scenes.

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The Cast of the Last One Standing Series

Chindori hosts the show Last One Standing, which has Daigo Yamamoto, Shiori Sato, Takashi Yoshimura, Hikaru Takahashi, Kendo Kobayashi, Gekidan Hitori, Takashi Watanabe, Muga Tsukaji, Nadal, Masaharu Higashide, Hironobu Komiya, and Shunsuke Ito as part of its cast. The people who are competing in this comedy reality show are Tonikaku Akarui YAsumura, Kohki Okada, Hiccorohee, Eiko Kano, Yuki Morgan, Tetsuya Morita, Reina Triendl, Karen Takizawa, Mika Ahn, Muga Tsukaji, Shotaro Mamiya, Yuki Morinaga, Harna Kondo, Toshiaki Kasuga, Kazuki Io, Toshiyuki Itakura, and others. They will be on this season of the show and make it fun to watch.


Last One Standing is a comedy reality show on Netflix, featuring comics as judges and contestants. The show, created by comedian Nobu Chidori and directed by Hyato Kawai, has been a hit in Japan due to its unique storyline and emotional scenes. The second season, released on October 10, 2023, has garnered fans’ interest, but it is not possible for Netflix to continue the show. The last season, which premiered on October 10, 2023, features a cast including Daigo Yamamoto, Shiori Sato, Takashi Yoshimura, and others.

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