Last King Of The Cross Season 2 Release Date: Will The King Return?

Season 2 of The Last King of the Cross is set to premiere soon, and fans are excited to see what the show has in store for them this time around. This season is expected to be even more intense, dramatic, and action-packed than the previous one. This season is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, with a new plotline, intriguing characters, and thrilling twists and turns.

We’ll go over everything you need to know about the Last King of the Cross season 2 release date and more in this article.

When Is The Last King Of The Cross Season 2 Release Date?

Last King of the Cross is a 2023 Australian Drama out on February 17, 2023, on Paramount+. The first season of Last King of the Cross will consist of ten episodes. The show is based on the autobiographical memoir of the same name by Sydney nightclub owner John Ibrahim. It is inspired by his experiences in Sydney’s King’s Cross, which has been called the “Mecca of Sin”.

Last King Of The Cross Storyline

The plot revolves around John Ibrahim, a nightclub owner in Sydney’s King’s Cross, and his underworld-connected brothers Sam and Michael. The family was Lebanese immigrants who came to Australia in 1978, during Lebanon’s civil war. They grew up in the Sydney suburb of Punchbowl, in a challenging, working-class neighborhood.

Despite their difficult circumstances, Ibrahim worked hard, excelled academically, and was accepted to a university. His involvement in the drug trade, however, led him down a different path. Throughout the show, Ibrahim’s rise to power in Sydney’s underworld is chronicled. He establishes himself as a savvy businessman and a worthy trade rival.

The show depicts Ibrahim’s life, the workings of his trade, his run-in with the law, and the personal impact it had on his own life. It’s the story of an underdog rising through the ranks to seize power, forever altering the landscape of the trade.

Last King Of The Cross Season 2 Cast and Characters

Last King Of The Cross Season 2

This season’s cast and characters are likely to be similar to those of the first season.

Cast Character
Lincoln Younes John Ibrahim
Claude Jabbour Sam Ibrahim
Callan Mulvey Detective Sergeant Brian Crellan
Tim Roth Ezra Shipman
Maria Tran Madame Tien
Felicity Price Yael Shipman
Matt Nable Anthony ‘Big Tony’ Stone
Tim Roth Ezra Shipman

Where To Watch Last King Of The Cross Season 2?

There have been no official announcements regarding the release of Last King Of The Cross Season 2 as of yet. However, fans can still watch the first season on the Paramount+ streaming platform. The second season, if and when it is released, is expected to be available on the same platform. For viewers looking to watch the latest and greatest television shows and movies, Paramount+ has become a go-to destination.

Fans of Last King Of The Cross can continue to check our website for updates on the possible release of season 2.

Last King Of The Cross Season 2 Trailer Update

There is currently no official trailer for Last King Of The Cross Season 2. Fans are eagerly awaiting any updates on the release date and plot of the second season of this well-known Australian television series.

However, by watching the trailer of Season 1 again, viewers can relive the excitement of Season 1. The release of the Last King Of The Cross Season 2 trailer is sure to generate excitement and anticipation among its loyal fanbase, who are eagerly anticipating the next chapter of this gritty crime drama. Stay tuned for updates on the official trailer’s release and premiere date.

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