Why Did Lana Del Rey Quit Social Media? The Reason Behind Her Exit Explained!

Lana Del Rey is leaving the world of social media. The singer of the song “Summertime Sadness” has chosen to stop using social media. She will no longer give updates to her friends on social media from now on.

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, who fans know as Lana Del Rey, recently posted on Instagram about her choice to stop using social media. Read on to find out why Lana Del Rey left social media.

Why Did Lana Del Rey Quit Social Media?

Sunday, the singer of the hit song “Say Yes to Heaven” told her fans on Instagram that she will no longer be on social media. Lana explained on her Instagram Story why she was leaving social media.

The singer, who is 37 years old, opened the message with “Thank you so much for everything.” She went on to say, “This account is closing now that Rob’s record is out and you know where I’ll be playing. Good luck, and I love you.”

Lana Del Rey Quit Social Media

Rob Grant, Lana’s father, just put out a new record called Lost at Sea. For those of you who don’t know, we’ll tell you. It had two songs that he wrote with his daughter: the album’s title track and a song called “Hollywood Bowl.”

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As of right now, it’s not clear if the singer of “Young and Beautiful” will go back to social media in the future or not. It looks like Lana doesn’t like social media.

Lana Del Rey Previously Quit Social Media in 2021

You did read that correctly. Lana Del Rey has left social media before, so this is not the first time. She shut down all of her social media accounts in September 2021. In a video message at the time, she said that she was leaving social media.

Then, the six-time Grammy candidate said, “Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that our social media accounts, my social media accounts, will be shut down tomorrow. That’s because I have so many different hobbies and other jobs that require privacy and openness.”

Lana Del Rey Quit Social Media

Lana continued, “I want to say a heartfelt thank you for, you know, continuing to kind of see me through the songs. It’s always important to be seen and heard, and it’s especially important to be seen and heard by people you know and trust.

The singer of “Happiness Is a Butterfly” said, “For now, I think I’ll just keep my circle a little bit smaller and keep learning new skills and interests.” Again, I’m always here making a lot of songs and living my life in between. So, it’s been fun to tell you all these little things, and I feel very lucky. So, thank you, and… I’m leaving.”

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