Lana Condor Looks Good Without Makeup: Before and After Her Plastic Surgery in 2023

Lana Condor Looks Good Without Makeup: Since the new Netflix series, Xo Kitty Review hit the web, news about Lana Condor not wearing makeup has become a trend. Please read on to find out about her surgery.

To All the Boys, which stars Lana Condor as Lara Jean and Noah Centineo as Peter Kavinsky, is a famous teen movie that everyone who likes movies knows about.

From 2018 to 2021, there were three movies based on the property, and Xo Kitty, a spin-off TV show, just came out.

The first episode of Xo Kitty came out on May 18, 2023. It’s about the youngest sister in the Covey family and how hard it is for her to find her true love.

While many Lana Condor fans and friends thought that she would show up on the show at some time.

Also, after the Netflix show came out, the original group of “To All The Boys” watched it and gave their thoughts on it.

People on the Internet have once again thought about the relationship between Lara and Peter (Lana and Noah) and looked for information about Condor.

XO Kitty: Lana Condor Looks Good Without Makeup

Lana became well-known at age 19 because of “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” a Netflix love comedy for teens that was a big hit.

The actor has posted videos on how she does her daily makeup and a guide to K-beauty and skincare.

Condor, who is also a Neutrogena brand spokesperson, said that in her first movie, she wore only eyebrows and lip balm for makeup.

Her fans have always liked that she is real and raw, that she shows the world her bare skin, and that she is just as beautiful with or without makeup.

Lana was born on May 11, 1997, in Can Tho, Vietnam. This may be one reason why she likes to keep herself pure and not wear makeup.

Lana Condor Looks Good Without Makeup:

Condor started acting in 2016 when she was cast as Jubilation Lee/Jubilee in the action movie “X-Men: Apocalypse.”

Lana has worked on a number of other projects. Also, she was in the action movie “Alita: Battle Angel” (2019), which was directed by Robert Rodriguez and produced by James Cameron.

She was also in the love comedy “Summer Night” (2019) and had a small part in the Syfy show “Deadly Class” (2019).

Condor was born Tran Dong Lan, but she changed her name to Lana Condor later on. Along with her starring work, she is a well-known person in the entertainment business.

She is well-known for using social media to promote variety and equal treatment in the media.

Condor has also talked about how important it is for Asians to be represented in Hollywood and has worked to spread knowledge about body acceptance and mental health.


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Before and After Lana Condor’s Plastic Surgery

Lana Condor became famous when she was a teenager, but now she has to deal with trolls and critics because she doesn’t look the same as she did when she was nineteen.

In March 2023, the actress went to an after-party for the Oscars. She wore a beautiful silver dress that showed how mature she looked.

Many people saw Lana for the first time as an adult at this event. They saw that she had naturally changed from a skinny girl to a curvy woman.

People have also jumped to the conclusion that this means Condor has had plastic surgery. Some people even said they didn’t know her anymore.

Lana Condor Looks Good Without Makeup:

People on her social media, especially Instagram, asked if she had breast implants or talked about her body type and the way she dressed.

Still, the actor in her mid-20s hasn’t said anything about having surgery or changing her appearance.

Condor is about 5 feet 3 inches (1.6 m) tall, weighs about 53.5 kg (118 lb), and has a beautiful hourglass-shaped body.

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