Lag Ja Gale: How Aniket Will Realize He Made a Mistake?

Lag Ja Gale is an Indian TV show that airs there. In the new show, Lag Ja Gale on Zee TV, Namik Paul and Tanisha Mehta play the main roles. The show tells the story of Shiv Dhooper, a young Punjabi hotelier who made it on his own, and Ishani Kulkarni, a hard-working girl from Maharashtra.

At the moment, the show is getting ready for more drama, and in this article, we’ll look at how Aniket realizes he made a mistake.

Lag Ja Gale

In the last episode, the merchant went up to Aniket’s friend Swapnil and told him that he had brought a cook named Kashi. He says that Kashi is deaf, but when she takes off her veil, it shows that she is really Ishani. Swapnil asks Ishani to make tea for two people, and when Aniket comes out of the bathroom, he also asks for a cup of tea.

Lag Ja Gale: How Aniket Will Realize He Made a Mistake?

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He doesn’t look at Ishani when she gives him tea. Ishani is surprised to see Shiv’s face in the mirror, and she is even more confused when Sumit walks in. Sumit tries to take off her veil, but Ishani pulls out a knife and warns him not to. Swapnil tells Sumit that Kashi can’t hear, and because they can’t take any chances, he wants to see her face.

Ishani thinks Sumit and Aniket are making plans to hurt Shiv. Bhupen tells Shiv and Kiran about Shiv’s birthday party and tries to convince Shiv to go. Ishani decides to find out what they are planning, and Bhupen tells Meena that only one of Shiv and Aniket will live.

Sumit says that Shiv will soon be replaced by Aniket, so Ishani secretly records their conversation to tell Shiv. Puja says that he has gone to Bangalore, so she doesn’t talk to him. Ishani tells Aniket that Shiv loves him no matter what and that his family misses him. In the next episode, Aniket will realize he made a mistake and ask Ishani to take him to his family and Shiv.

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Sumit and his men follow them to the house of the Dhoopers. Ishani and Aniket try to run away together, but something goes wrong.

Lag Ja Gale: How Aniket Will Realize He Made a Mistake?

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