Kundali Bhagya 8th May 2023 Written Update: Karan and Rishabh Apologize to Rakhi!

Kundali Bhagya is a popular Indian soap opera that was first shown on Zee TV. Palki tells Mahi in the show to stop thinking about Shaurya and forget about him. Mahi says she was excited to see Shaurya at the store, but after Palki told her the truth, she no longer thinks much of him.

Palki tries to tell Mahi that Shaurya is not a hero, but rather a bad guy. But Mahi is torn between Shaurya’s wealth and rank and Rajveer’s good character and values. In the meantime, Rajveer sees he was wrong and apologizes. Gurpreet thinks it’s great that Rajveer stood up for Palki and did the right thing.

She thinks it was fate that Rajveer came into their lives, and she feels like she knows him from a long time ago. She thinks Rajveer will look out for them and always do what is right. Rajveer says he will do his best to help everyone and not hurt anyone’s feelings.On the other hand, Shaurya hates Rajveer and feels angry toward him.

He wants revenge and aims to make Rajveer suffer. Nidhi tells him to stay away from Rajveer and tries to calm him down. She tells him to stay cool and not to make Karan angry because he thinks Rajveer is a hero. Shaurya, on the other hand, is determined to get even with Rajveer and won’t back down.

Kundali Bhagya 8th May 2023 Written Update: Karan and Rishabh Apologize to Rakhi!

Palki and Rajveer both start to like each other as the story goes on, but Rajveer is torn between his love for Palki and his desire to get payback on Karan.


Kundali Bhagya 8th May 2023 Written Update: Karan and Rishabh Apologize to Rakhi!

Shaurya has trouble sleeping because he thinks about Rajveer and Palki, who both cause him stress. He thinks that Palki is just as annoying as Rajveer, so he hates both of them. He thinks Rajveer was already giving him trouble, and now Palki is on Rajveer’s team. Shaurya wants them both to learn a lesson.

The next morning, Karan is busy making plans for his meetings, and Rakhi tells him that if he wants to work all the time, he should turn the house into his office. Rishabh is also taking work calls, and Rakhi is upset that both of her kids are always busy. She wants her house to feel like a home, not like a job, and she misses spending time with her family.

Karan and Rishabh apologize to Rakhi, and she demands that the whole family spend time together. Sandy, a friend of Shaurya’s, shows up, and Rishabh asks him why he is there. Sandy goes to Shaurya’s room, and Rakhi tells Rishabh to be nice to the guests. Rishabh, on the other hand, thinks that Shaurya’s friends are spoiling him, and Karan says that he doesn’t like Shaurya.

Rishabh asks Karan to talk to Shaurya and give him time to figure out what’s happening. He thinks Shaurya is afraid of Karan and needs to be shown the right way. Karan, on the other hand, compared Shaurya to Rajveer, a person he likes and thinks is a good role model. Rishabh doesn’t understand why Karan fights with him like Shaurya and Rajveer are his sons.

He thinks that Shaurya will figure things out in the end. Karan doesn’t agree with this and thinks Shaurya can’t change. Rakhi wants Shaurya to turn out to be a good person like Rajveer. Rishabh thinks that everyone is different and that they should be proud of that. Rakhi says she wants to meet Rajveer, who has made a good impression on Karan and Rishabh.

Rishabh is sure that Rakhi will like Rajveer, and he thinks Shaurya is also kind and just needs to be shown the right way. Rajveer is getting ready for work and looking for Preeta. He seems sad, so she asks him what’s wrong. Even though she is mad at him, she wants him to be happy and tells him how much she loves him as a mother.

Kundali Bhagya 8th May 2023 Written Update: Karan and Rishabh Apologize to Rakhi!

She tells him to smile and tells him that his anger won’t change how much she loves him. He cries, and she wipes his tears and blesses him before he goes to work. She does this to remind him of Palki. Gurpreet sees Preeta crying and tries to make her feel better. Shaurya comes to mind for Preeta

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