Kundali Bhagya 15th May 2023 Written Update: Palki is Kidnapped by the Thugs!

The Indian Hindi soap opera “Kundali Bhagya” debuted on Zee TV on July 12, 2017. Rajveer assures everyone that the lock problem is minor and straightforward to resolve. He retrieves the required toolkit, and Mahi requests his assistance repairing it. During their interaction, Rajveer returns with the tool, and Mahi flirts with him.

Rajveer finds her behavior unusual, whereas Mahi grows fond of him. Later, Daljeet arrives at her residence and expresses her displeasure with Khurana. Mahi adds drama to the situation by making a joke about Daljeet’s sob story. Daljeet informs everyone that she has completed her purchasing, and from that point on, Khurana will be in charge of the situation.

Daljeet apologizes for forgetting Mahi’s heels, but Mahi insists on having them and requests that Daljeet secure them at any cost, as she has a photo session the following day. Mahi reminds Daljeet of the urgency due to the impending shoot, and Daljeet assures her that she will make sure the heels are arranged.

Khurana arrives shortly thereafter with the grocery sacks. Daljeet sends him a message requesting that he obtain the footwear for Mahi. However, Khurana declines and states that he has no intention of retrieving the heels. To persuade him, Daljeet argues with him and appears to cry. Palki steps in and offers to retrieve the heels for Mahi, easing Daljeet’s concerns.

Kundali Bhagya 15th May 2023 Written Update: Palki is Kidnapped by the Thugs!

Khurana vents his exasperation, accusing Daljeet of spoiling Mahi by granting her every wish. Daljeet responds by pointing out that he has contributed to Palki’s education. Khurana remains steadfast in his refusal to go, but Palki reassures Daljeet that she will handle the task, thereby alleviating her further anxiety.


Kundali Bhagya 15th May 2023 Written Update: Palki is Kidnapped by the Thugs!

Rajveer tells Mahi to go get some new screws, and she does. Mahi comes up with a plan for a beautiful moment with Rajveer and works hard to make it happen. When she finally comes back with the new screws, Rajveer tells her that the door is still not fixed. Mahi tells him that he should close the door and then try to fix it.

Rajveer does what she says, which is to close the door and try again. Mahi is happy with what he has done. But Rajveer admits that he hasn’t fixed the latch yet, so he chooses to call a carpenter. Mahi tells him to do it, but when he tries to open the door, he finds it won’t move. Mahi acts like she is afraid of being squished and hugs Rajveer tight.

She worries about what other people would think if they were seen locked in together. Rajveer reassures her and says he will find a way to get them out of jail. Mahi tells him to try, and she keeps hugging him to calm herself down. Shaurya talks about Palki with his friends, saying that he doesn’t care about her and that Rajveer cares about her.

He tells her that he wants to hurt her and ruin her life because he thinks it will hurt Rajveer. He is happy with his plan to do harm. Mohit doesn’t get to hear this conversation, but he does see Shaurya’s car close. Palki leaves the house, and Shaurya and his friends decide to follow her.

Sandy, who works with Shaurya, tells some thugs what’s going on. Palki is taken away in the end, and she screams for help. Rajveer hears her cries, and Shaurya watches the theft and is happy with how sneaky he has been. He tells Mahi that Palki has gone away, and then he goes.

Rajveer asks Mahi if she heard anything that sounded like Palki yelling. Mahi says that she and Rajveer are the only ones there. Rajveer tells her to stay away from him, which makes her sad. He tells her that her odd behavior might be because she isn’t feeling well and tells her to calm down.

Mahi asks him if he thinks she is to blame for everything that has happened because she is hurt. Rajveer says that he did not say that, and he asks her not to make him angry. Mahi starts to cry, and Rajveer says he’s sorry. He tells her she’s amazing, but he’s sorry for saying that in a stressful situation.

Mahi also tries to apologize to him, but Rajveer tells her not to. Mahi tells him she likes him and calls him a “good boy.” She also tells him she has strong feelings for him. Rajveer tells her that he also wants to tell her something, but then he calls her crazy. He makes it clear that he is not her hero, which hurts her very much.

Rajveer quickly says he’s sorry and doesn’t want to hurt her, but he says she’s acting completely crazy. Mahi smiles anyway and starts making plans for something. She falls into his arms, thinking that her beauty will make him fall in love with her. She says that she is a heroine and that he is her hero.

However, Rajveer rejects her advances. Still, Mahi thinks he will finally fall in love with her, and she likes the way he acts. Again, she hugs him. While this is going on, Palki screams for help and begs her kidnappers to let her go. She bites their hands and runs away after getting out of the car. Shaurya and his friends see her get away and decide to stay far away, so she doesn’t see them.

But Palki gets caught again by the thugs. Shaurya is happy that his plan is working, and he says that in the time of Kalyug, people must face the results of their bad actions.

Kundali Bhagya 15th May 2023 Written Update: Palki is Kidnapped by the Thugs!

Preeta tells Gurpreet that everything has been taken care of and suggests that they keep Palki’s bad eye away from themselves. Daljeet worries about Khurana, and Preeta tells her to use reverse psychology by smiling when Khurana bothers her. Daljeet says he’ll try it.

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