Kris Jenner Sister Karen Houghton Relationship: Dating History 2023

Kris Jenner Sister Karen Houghton Relationship: There are a lot of overdone quotes on the internet about how special ties between brothers are. Some people may be surprised to find out that popular “momager” Kris Jenner has a younger sister. Karen Houghton is not a famous person like Jenner. Instead, she works part-time as a nurse and writes books. The first one, the Naturally Gourmet Cookbook, came out in 2010, and the second one came out three years later.

Kris Jenner and Karen Houghton’s relationship has been rocky over the years, and Jenner was even accused of being rude to her only sister. The two sisters often make fun of each other in public, and Jenner has been known to give Houghton expensive gifts on occasion.

Kris Jenner’s Sister, Karen Houghton Calls Her Out When She Upsets Her

Karen Houghton has a past of letting Kris Jenner know how she feels when she is upset. In an interview with Radar, Houghton said she was unhappy with Jenner and suggested that her famous sister had ignored the wishes of her other half of the family who are not famous, even though Jenner has a huge net worth of $230 million. Houghton said that Jenner moved to Los Angeles to get famous and rich, which is a way of life that she doesn’t like.

Kris Jenner Sister Karen Houghton Relationship:

When they were taking care of their mother, Karen Houghton also tried to tell Jenner about her worries. Houghton told Mail Online that she had yelled at her older sister and told her to help their mother more.

She also told Kris that she was annoyed when she didn’t answer her phone calls: “If you think your sister will call you back, she won’t. I feel bad about it. You’re my sister no matter how much money you have or who you are. I don’t have any fear of her. I can’t reach her any longer…”

Kris Jenner Dislikes When Karen Houghton Talks About Her Marriage to Caitlyn Jenner

Karen Houghton said in an interview in 2014 that Kris Jenner and her divorced husband would not get back together, even though they seemed friendly. Houghton thought that Caitlyn Jenner had left her sister because Bruce Jenner couldn’t take her screaming any longer. She also said that Kris was having a hard time getting over the breakup and wasn’t seeing anyone.

Houghton said he knew everything about Jenner’s life and how she was dealing with the breakup, but Jenner said she hadn’t talked to Houghton in a long time. A source said that Houghton didn’t really know anything about Kris Jenner’s family or her ex-husband. Instead, she made up a story about the family based on what she saw on the show.

The sisters were already not close, but Houghton’s acts made it worse. The source told Radar that Jenner was upset that her sister gave private information to the media and betrayed her, especially since the TV star had always been there to help Houghton with money.

Kris Jenner Ignored Her Sister on Her Birthday

In November 2018, Kris Jenner didn’t wish her younger sister a happy 60th birthday, which was a new low in their relationship. Jenner is always there for her family and friends, but she didn’t say anything about her sister’s big birthday.

Natalie Zettel, Houghton’s daughter, shared a picture of her mother in the hospital bed on Instagram to honor her mother’s birthday. Since July 2018, Houghton had been in and out of the hospital, and it was said that Jenner had not been to see her sister while she was there.

Fans were upset that Kris Jenner didn’t celebrate her sister’s birthday but did celebrate the birthday of her friend Dee Ocleppo. The reality TV star is known for keeping Houghton out of the spotlight, but her sister has tweeted her support for her nieces.

Kris Jenner Doesn’t Like Who Karen Houghton Likes to Date.

Star magazine says that Karen Houghton has been with guys who have had problems with drugs and with the law in the past. A source said that Houghton is not as image-conscious as Kris Jenner and doesn’t meet the glam standards that the momager likes to project for her family. This is why Karen is not seen on any of the family TV shows. The report says that Houghton’s relationships with guys who were hard to understand had caused a lot of tension between the two sisters.

Houghton was married to Mark Zettel for six years. Their daughter, Natalie Zettel, was born during that time.

Kris Jenner Sister Karen Houghton Relationship:

Their marriage ended in 2002, but in January 2009, Houghton got a protection order against her ex-husband because she said he often used drugs and was mean to her and their daughter. Karen asked for another protection order in 2011. This time, it was for her boyfriend Steven Edward Thornton, who had a bad record with more than 12 arrests for burglary and theft in California and Tennessee.


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Karen Houghton Got a Facelift to Look Like Her Sister, Kris Jenner

Karen Houghton has been called the “crazy aunt” of the Kardashian-Jenner family, and in 2016 she tried to look more like her sister Kris by getting a major facelift. It was said that the surgery was meant to make Houghton look more like her “beautiful sister Kris.”

Houghton had a makeover that took five hours, which she let be filmed. Her plastic surgeon used an AuraLyft, which is said to be the most thorough facelift a woman can get. The process lifted Houghton’s face and neck and moved fat from under her eyes to her cheeks to make her cheekbones stand out more. Houghton said she felt some pressure to keep up with the Kardashians’ look, and she told Inside Edition that she was happy with how the facelift turned out.

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