Kimbo Slice Cause of Death: What Happened to Kimbo Slice? 

Kimbo Slice Cause of Death: If you are a fan of Kimbo Slice, you should know what killed him. As soon as Kimbo Slice died, everyone wanted to know what killed him. His close friend and mother have also said nice things about him. Also, a lot of people have written about how much he loves wrestling and how much he cares about the game. People were shocked by Slice’s death, and they feel bad for him and his family. He was a well-known person, so many of his friends prayed for him to find peace. He was very old when he died. So, without going into more detail about the beginning, let’s find out what killed Kimbo Slice.

Who was Kimbo Slice?

Kevin Ferguson, who went by the name Kimbo Slice, was an American mixed martial artist and fighter. His real name was Kimbo Slice. He was born in Nassau, Bahamas, on February 8, 1974. He then went to the United States. Kimbo became well-known after videos of his street fights were shared on the internet. Before he started fighting, Kimbo did a lot of different jobs, like being a bouncer and a bodyguard. Videos of his street fights went viral and showed how strong and skilled he was. This made his fame grow.

Kimbo Slice Cause of Death

Millions of people watched these street fights on sites like YouTube. Kimbo’s first competitive MMA fight was in 2007. He fought for groups like EliteXC, Strikeforce, and Bellator. He was known for his scary looks, hard punches, and desire to fight in the open. Kimbo was criticized for not being very good technically, but his entertaining style won him a lot of fans. Kimbo Slice has also tried to make a living as a professional boxer.

Kimbo Slice Cause of Death

The reason Kimbo Slice died is because of heart failure. Kimbo had heart failure and needed a heart donation just days before he died on Monday. A hospital report has shocking information about Kimbo’s health before he died suddenly. Just a few days before he died, Kimbo, who was 42 years old, was told he needed a new heart.

It said that Slice was taken to Northwest Medical Centre on June 3, 2016, because she was having stomach pain, trouble breathing, and feeling sick. He was told he had a mass on his liver and congestive heart failure. In intensive care, he breathed with the help of a respirator.

Plans were made to take him to a clinic in Cleveland so that he could be put on a list of organ donors, but he died on Tuesday before that could happen. Slice did not have a past of using illegal drugs, and trauma and bad pay were not thought to have caused his death. So, Kimbo Slice was found dead on June 6, 2016, and a heart attack was the reason of his death. You can look on the internet for shots from Kimbo Slice’s funeral.

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What Happened to Kimbo Slice?

On June 5, 2016, Kimbo Slice was taken to a hospital in Margate, Florida, because he was sick. The next day, on June 6, 2016, he died sadly while still in the hospital. He was 42 years old. Heart failure was said to be the reason why he died too soon. This shocking news hurt his fans all over the world and sent shock waves through the combat sports community.

Kimbo Slice Cause of Death

Scott Coker, the CEO of Bellator MMA, shared his deep sadness and sorrow after Kimbo Slice’s death. Coker said that Kimbo was a loved member of the Bellator family, which showed how much of an impact he had on the company. His words showed how much people who knew and worked with Kimbo Slice were going to miss him. They also showed how important and famous he was in the world of mixed martial arts.

Also, an exam done after he died showed that he had another health problem. Kimbo Slice had a mass on his stomach, which was found out. Even though the specifics of the mass and what it meant were not mentioned in the rephrasing, this finding showed how complicated the events leading up to his death were and added to the overall sense of sadness.

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The fact that Kimbo Slice died of heart failure and had a mass on his liver showed how unexpected his death was and how complicated his medical situation was. The loss of such a charismatic and well-known person left a hole in the world of combat sports, and fans and other athletes still remember and honor his memory.

Kimbo Slice Career

He was a mixed martial artist with Bahamian and American roots. He was born on February 8, 1974. Many people would have had to work hard to become well-known in their field. It all takes hard work and a good attitude.

In the same way, Kimbo Slice may have had a lot of problems in his work. Some people will also be remembered after they die. Kimbo Slice is one of those people who will be remembered as long as we live.


Kimbo Slice, an American mixed martial artist, and fighter, passed away on June 6, 2016, due to heart failure. Born in Nassau, Bahamas, Slice gained fame through his street fights, which went viral. He fought for groups like EliteXC, Strikeforce, and Bellator. Despite being criticized for his technical skills, Slice’s entertaining style and fearless fighting style gained him fans.

He was found dead in the hospital after suffering stomach pain, trouble breathing, and a mass on his liver. Scott Coker, CEO of Bellator MMA, expressed his deep sadness and sorrow after Slice’s death, highlighting his impact on the company and the importance of his work in mixed martial arts.

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