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Khan Sir, who is also known as Faizal Khan, is a well-known teacher and motivational speaker who has become very famous because of how hard he works to give students a good education and inspire them. As an influential figure in the field of education, it is natural to wonder about Khan Sir’s net worth. In this article, we will explore his financial success, including his earnings from his teaching career, digital platforms, and other information.

Khan Sir’s Biography

Khan Sir was born into a family in the middle class. His whole family follows the Islamic religion and prays in front of Allah. Khan sir Patna’s father’s name is unknown, but he is a builder, and his mother’s name is also unknown, but she is a housewife. The Indian Army is where Khan Sir’s older brother is fighting. Khan sir’s grandpa, Iqbal Ahmed Khan, was a teacher. He taught at Bhatpar Rani’s Parmar Mission School.

Khan Sir Net Worth

Khan Sir goes to Parmar Mission School, which is in Bhatpar Rani, Deoria, Uttar Pradesh. Khan Sir goes to college in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. It is called Allahabad University. Khan Sir has finished college and earned a Bachelor of Science degree. Khan Sir has a Master of Science degree, which is the best degree he has earned.

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Khan Sir’s Educational Journey

Khan Sir’s journey in the field of education began with his passion for teaching and his commitment to making quality education accessible to all. Khan Sir started his offline teaching centre in 2010–2012. In 2019, he started his online coaching centre by making his own YouTube channel. His formal YouTube channel is called Khan GS Research Center.

Since then, he has taught Bihari to a lot of people in a fun and interesting way. The most important thing about Khan sir’s offline coaching is that he lets people in for very little or no money. To get into his offline coaching school, you must have at least an intermediate-level education.

Khan Sir Net Worth

In the most recent episode of Kapil Sharma’s Show, Khan sir talks about how much tuition costs to prepare for the UPSC test. He still helped by lowering the cost of tuition for kids from low-income families.

He started as a dedicated teacher in a coaching institute, where his teaching methods and ability to connect with students gained recognition. Through his unique teaching style and inspirational approach, Khan Sir has impacted the lives of numerous students, helping them excel academically and motivating them to achieve their goals.

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Online Platforms for Teaching

Khan Sir went into the world of online teaching because digital platforms were becoming more popular and more people wanted to learn online. He made a name for himself on YouTube and other e-learning sites, where he shares educational videos and teaches live classes. Through his YouTube channel, Khan GS Research Center Khan has been able to reach more students around the world.

Khan Sir’s Net Worth

According to online sources, Khan Sir has an estimated net worth between Rs 1 and 2 crore. Khan Sir makes about Rs 1–5 Lakh per month. He also sells focused test books and videos on YouTube.

On average, more than 7 million people watch his movies, and that number has reached 20 million across all platforms. With just one video, he makes more money than a normal person.

He said that a big coaching company was giving him more than 100 crores to shut down his coaching and channels. Because of this, many teaching programs can’t take advantage of students. When coaching tells you that they can’t help and can only point you in the right way, why are you paying them lakhs of rupees?

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Philanthropic Contributions by Khan Sir

Khan Sir is known for more than just his educational success. He is also known for helping people in need. He works hard to help education-related causes, like giving grants and financial aid to students who need it. Through his charity work, he wants to give kids from different backgrounds the same chances and give them the tools they need to follow their dreams. Even though his charitable work may not directly add to his wealth, it shows how much he cares about giving back to society.

Controversies Faced by Khan Sir

Khan sir has said a lot of controversial things on YouTube. Here are some of the most well-known ones.

  • Khan has been accused of stirring up students in the RRB, BPSC, and Agneepath plans more than once. Because of this, he got into a lot of trouble with the Bihar government.
  • Together with the Maulanas, he has been in many arguments about Islam.
  • Khan sir’s reported real name, Amit Singh, continues to cause trouble in the media. Khan sir’s real name is Amit Singh, which is a Hindu name, but he is a Muslim. He explains


Khan Sir’s exact net worth is not known to the public, but his huge fame, success as a teacher, and many different sources of income show that he has done very well financially. Khan Sir has become a great businessman and an inspiration in the field of education through his commitment to education, online teaching platforms, brand partnerships, business ventures, and charitable donations.

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