Kenan Thompson Net Worth 2023: How Much He Earned From Saturday Night Live and Emmys?

Kenan Thompson Net Worth: American actor Kenan Thompson has a net worth of $20 million. If you ask any funny person. What kind of job do they want? Seven out of ten people will say that working on Saturday Night Live would be their dream job. This is the person whose dreams have come true. He has been on Saturday Night Live for six years. He is one of the best comedians. Right now, I’m working on Saturday Night Live.

Kenan Thompson is being talked about. Even though he works at his dream job, Kenan Thompson has a net worth of $20 million. But he gets a lot of flak for that. There is a difference between the early episodes of Saturday Night Live back then and the present episodes. Many reviewers say that the version of Saturday Night Live that is on right now is the most boring.

Kenan Thompson is partly to blame for this bland version, which is not funny at all and sounds more like a sermon. Kenan Thompson doesn’t think this is a good way to act. This is not what Kenan Thompson thinks, though. Kenan Thompson says that this is one of the best Saturday Night Lives ever. It has been said that Saturday Night Live is one of the places with the most cutthroat competition. This is something else that has caused a lot of debate.

Kenan Thompson Net Worth 2023

According to sources, Kenan Thompson can act well enough. Kenan Thompson does a great job with his voice acting. The famous American singer “Kenan Thompson” is worth $20 Million. Several websites, like Wikipedia, Forbes, and IMDB, say that the most famous American actor, Kenan Thompson, is worth about $20 million.

We’ve already talked about the fact that Kenan Thompson has a net worth of $20 million. Kenan Thompson has made all of that money both in front of and behind the camera. He is also a very good writer. In fact, he just finished writing a script for a movie and has already found money to make it. So, if all goes well, Kenan Thompson will be a director and writer. Also Read: Kevin Bludso Net Worth

Kenan Thompson Earning From Saturday Night Live

Kenan has been on SNL since 2003, and because of that, he makes the most money of all the group members. NBC usually pays their long-running cast members (like Cecily Strong, Colin Jost, and Kate McKinnon) a maximum of $25,000 per episode (or $525,000 per year for 21 episodes per season), but Sources says that Kenan gets way more (like…WAY MORE) because he has been able to negotiate his salary for years. His total SNL pay is about? From $2 million to $3 million a year.

Kenan Thompson Earning By Hosting the 2022 Emmys

We don’t know how much Emmys hosts make, but we do know how much Oscars hosts make, and it’s not a lot. Jimmy Kimmel said that he was paid just (sorry, “just”) $15,000 to host the Oscars. I think it’s wrong to get something for nothing.” So, unless the Emmys give out more money than the Oscars, I’m going to assume it’s about the same.

Kenan Thompson Biography

On May 10, 1978, Kenan Thompson was born. Atlanta, Georgia, is where Kenan Thompson was born. Kenan Thompson will tell you that he started out as a performer, but that’s not true. Kenan Thompson first got a job as an actress. In fact, he became well-known before he became a comic. Kenan Thompson became a professional actor at a very young age. His first try at acting was big news for kids at the time. Also Read: Steffi Graf Net Worth 2023

Kenan Thompson Net Worth 2023

People saw him in the real news for kids, and many Nickelodeon and Kids shows offered him parts. By the time Kenan Thompson was 22, he was already a very well-known person. In the year 2000, he began his stand-up comedy career. At the same time, he was doing stand-up comedy and Occasional TV shows. Kenan Thompson joined the group of Saturday Night Live after doing stand-up comedy for 3 years.

Kenan Thompson in Saturday Night Live

In 2003, Kenan joined “Saturday Night Live.” This new job would shape the rest of his career. He had sent tapes of his auditions to “SNL” many times before, but each time the directors said he was too young. Thompson was a key player for the first two years. In 2004, Kenan Thompson came out with an album of funny songs called “Good Times.”

He was made a reserve player in 2005. He has been an important part of the show for more than 18 years, and he is now the oldest cast member. Thompson is known for doing impressions of a number of important people, which he does very well. But in 2018, he said he wouldn’t do any more versions of black women because “SNL” needs to hire more women of color.

Many viewers and reviewers have talked about how important Thompson is to the “SNL” cast. He gets a lot of praise for being able to respond to different scenarios in a funny way. Brian H. Tucker, the head writer, said that all he has to do to make a skit funny is write the words “Kenan reacts” into the script. Several reviewers have said that the rest of the cast “relies on” Thompson to make people laugh. One person in the media called Kenan the “glue” that keeps the “SNL” group together.


Kenan Thompson has a net worth of $20 million and has been on Saturday Night Live for six years. He is one of the best comedians and has made a lot of money both in front of and behind the camera. Kenan Thompson makes the most money on SNL due to his negotiation skills. Kenan Thompson was born in 1978 and became a professional actor at a young age. He joined “Saturday Night Live” in 2003 and has been an important part of the cast for 18 years. He is known for doing impressions of important people and is the “glue” that keeps the “SNL” group together.

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