Keedaa Cola Movie OTT Release Date, Platform, Storyline and Trailer of the Movie

Keedaa Cola Movie OTT Release Date: This page has a lot of information about the Keedaa Cola movie OTT release date, time, cast, OTT platform, trailer, and more. The Keedaa Cola movie might come out in theaters on August 11, 2023. As time goes on, we see more and more young, bright directors who can make movies in their own unique ways.

We’ve seen many famous directors in Telugu, and now the best director of all time, SS Rajamouli, is carrying on the tradition. Rajamouli is one of the directors in Telugu who can make big movies with big stars. On the other hand, there are only a few other directors who can make a movie with new players look big, and Tharun Bhascker is one of them.

Tharun Bhascker is without a doubt one of the most talented directors in Telugu. He has been making movies for a long time with very new stories that appeal to both the masses and the elite. He has been talking about his new movie “Keedaa Cola” for a long time, but he hasn’t said anything about the plot or how it will be made. A poster and a teaser for the movie came out yesterday, and the key cast has been announced every day for the past few weeks. Read this piece all the way to the end to learn more about this movie.

Keedaa Cola Movie OTT Release Date

The people who made Keedaa Cola haven’t said anything about digital rights yet, and the movie probably won’t come out until 11 August 2023. The makers of the crime comedy film “Keedaa Cola” haven’t said anything about who will play the main role, but based on the teaser, it looks like Chaitanya Rao will play the main part.

The web series “30 Weds 21” showed how talented Chaitanya Rao is as an actor, and he is now taking advantage of many chances in Telugu. In a newly released teaser, he was seen as a new character. With this movie, I hope the actor will also do well as a lead character.

In the teaser, Chaitanya Rao was seen with the famous Brahmanandam. After a while, it’s great to see the legendary actor back on film. He started showing up on screen more often, and he’s been in movies like “Panchathantram” and “Ranga Marthanda” in the past few years. In both of these movies, he played serious parts, so let’s hope that Tharun Bhascker will give Brahmanandam another comic role. As of now, the movie team hasn’t set a date for when the movie will come out. We won’t know when Keedaa Cola movie OTT comes out for a few more days.

Keedaa Cola Movie OTT Platform

The trailer for this movie shows that the director, Tharun Bhascker, also has an important part to play. Tharun Bhascker has been playing a lot lately and has been in a lot of Telugu movies. It is the first time he has been in a movie that he also directed.

According to a recent statement from the movie team, all of the filming for this movie is over, and the movie team is now working on post-production to confirm when this movie will be in theaters. We hope that this movie will be as interesting as the ones Tharun Bhascker has already made.

Keedaa Cola Movie OTT Release Date

There are also some other skilled actors in the movie. Ravindra Vijay is in this group. Most of the roles he has played in his career have earned him praise. He is probably one of Telugu’s most underrated stars. After “Keedaa Cola” comes out, I hope that big production companies will want to work with him.

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Vishnu Oi, Rag Mayur (who was in “Taxiwala”), Raguram (who was in “Roadies”), and Jeevan Kumar are also in the movie. Even though the teaser has been released, there has been no word on which OTT site the movie will have its digital premiere after it comes out in theaters.

What is the Story of Keedaa Cola Movie?

The people who are making the movie “Keedaa Cola” haven’t said anything about the plot. The movie team just said that the movie will be a crime comedy, and the latest teaser didn’t say anything about the plot. We’ll change what this movie is about as soon as we hear more from the people who made it.

The Cast and Crew of Keedaa Cola Movie

The actors in the movie “Keedaa Cola” are all very skilled. They are Brahmanandam, Chaitanya Rao, Tharun Bhascker, Ravindra Vijay, Rag Mayur, Raghuram, Jeevan Kumar, and Vishnu Oi, to name a few.

Tharun Bhascker wrote the script for the movie “Keedaa Cola” and also directed it. This movie was made by Saikrishna Gadwal, Srinivas Kaushik Nanduri, Sripad Nandiraj, Upendra Varma, and K Vivek Sudhanshu. The music for this movie was written by Vivek Sagar, and AJ Aaron was in charge of the photography.

Is There Any Trailer of Keedaa Cola Movie?

The movie team behind “Keedaa Cola” hasn’t put out the trailer for this movie yet. They just recently put out a teaser. You can look at the teaser below until the official video comes out.

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The Telugu film “Keedaa Cola” is set to release on August 11, 2023, with Tharun Bhascker as the director. The movie, a crime comedy, is directed by Tharun Bhascker and stars Chaitanya Rao, who has been a rising star in Telugu. The cast includes Brahmanandam, Chaitanya Rao, Tharun Bhascker, Ravindra Vijay, Rag Mayur, Raghuram, Jeevan Kumar, and Vishnu Oi. The movie is set to release on OTT platform and is expected to be as interesting as Tharun Bhascker’s previous works. The movie’s trailer has not yet been released, but it is expected to be released soon.

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