Karachi School Principal Leaked Video Download and Principal Statement on His Viral Video

Karachi School Principal Leaked Video: Irfan Ghafoor Memon, who is accused of being a bad school director, has asked that he be given the “death penalty.” Monday, the police in Karachi’s Gulshan-e-Hadeed area arrested the principal of a private school for reportedly sexually assaulting teachers and other staff members.

In his statement, the man who was arrested, Irfan, asked the officials to give him the death penalty. He said he felt bad about what he did, and in the films, not a single school worker could be seen.

Sources said that Sindh Caretaker Education Minister Rana Hussain told the school to close until the scandal over the video is investigated. The Directorate of Private Institutions told DC Malir to put a lock on the building of the private school that wasn’t listed. Irfan Ghafoor Memon was arrested for reportedly sexually assaulting teachers and other staff members. After he was arrested, the police found more than 25 obscene videos on his phone.

In a statement, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Malir Hasan Sardar confirmed the news and said that they had found more than “25 obscene videos” on the principal’s phone and filed a case against him. The top police official also said that the police have all the proof against the person who was arrested.

SSP Malir also said that people helped the police catch the school head, who was also involved in blackmail and extortion, according to the police. The Sindh Education Department said it would take strict action against the school leadership and asked the Directorate of Private Schools for a “detailed report” on what happened.

The Additional Director Registration made up a four-person group to look into what happened. The group was put together, and Deputy Director Qurban Bhutto was in charge of it. On the ASI Aftab Hussain’s request, a case was also filed against the accused man at the Steel Town police station under different sections.

Karachi School Principal Video Leaked

People think that the viral video of the Karachi school head got onto social media sites like Twitter in a number of different ways. Even though it’s not clear who first recorded and shared the video, it quickly went viral because of how shocking it was.

People on social media, possibly including students or staff at Gulshan e Hadeed School, are thought to have helped spread the video. Once it was online, people who wanted to call attention to and criticize the principal’s actions retweeted, shared, and reposted it.

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Karachi Principal Statement on His Viral Video

After the video went viral, the principal of Gulshan e Hadeed School in Karachi put out a formal statement about what happened. The principal is very upset and angry about the behavior in the film, which goes against the institution’s values and principles.

karachi principal viral video

In their statement, the director stressed that steps are being taken right away to fix the problem. They told parents, students, and other important people that the right steps would be taken to make sure that similar things wouldn’t happen again.

The principal also said that they were committed to making sure that all kids had a safe place to learn. They agreed that being open and taking responsibility is key to restoring trust in the school community. As part of this process, an internal review has been set up to find out as much as possible about what happened.

Also, it was said that those responsible would be punished after a fair and unbiased review of the evidence. The director made sure that anyone found to be guilty would get the right punishments according to school rules and the law. Overall, this official reaction shows that the administration of Gulshan e Hadeed School takes this incident seriously and is willing to take the steps needed to fix it.

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Irfan Ghafoor Memon, the principal of a private school in Karachi, has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting teachers and staff members. The principal has requested the death penalty, stating he felt bad about the incident. The school has been closed until the scandal is investigated, and the Directorate of Private Institutions has ordered a lock on the school’s building. The Sindh Education Department has taken strict action against the school leadership and requested a detailed report on the incident. The principal has issued a statement expressing anger and commitment to restoring trust in the school community.

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