Kaalkoot Series OTT Release Date: OTT Platform, Storyline, Cast and Trailer of the Series

Kaalkoot Series OTT Release Date: The Kaalkoot series will be available on OTT on July 27, 2023. There are a few very skilled actors in every field who don’t get many chances to show what they can do on screen. In the end, these artists are what save many OTT movies and shows. There are a lot of talented actors in the Hindi film business who aren’t used enough in movies but have become stars on OTT platforms. One of these actors is Vijay Varma.

Vijay Varma is a very skilled actor who can play any role given to him and make it look real on screen. However, he hasn’t gotten as many movie roles as many other actors have. He is now in more OTT movies and shows, and a new show called “Kaalkoot” has just been revealed. A sneak peek of this new show, which is about to have its digital launch, has already been posted on YouTube. Read this story all the way to the end to find out more about this new series.

Kaalkoot Series OTT Release Date

Jio Cinema’s OTT platform has bought the digital viewing rights to Kaalkoot, and the series will be available on OTT on July 27, 2023. Sumit Saxena was a writer for many well-known Hindi movies before he became a director. In 2017, he directed two episodes of the miniseries “Rise,” which was his first project as a director. He went on to direct another show called “Cheers: Friends, Reunion, Goa,” but both of these shows were only seen by a small number of people. Now that Sumit Saxena is making a big series with a skilled cast, I hope he will be able to get the attention of a wide range of people this time.

Kaalkoot Series OTT Release Date

Vijay Varma started his acting career with the short film “Shor,” which came out in 2008. In 2012, he was in the feature film “Chittagong,” which came out the same year. The “Kaalkoot” series has been in production for a long time, and the makers were just waiting for the right time to put it on an OTT platform, the movie team said at a press conference. As soon as all the post-production work was done, a sneak peek from this new show was revealed, confirming the OTT release date. From July 27, 2023, you will be able to watch “Kaalkoot” online.

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Kaalkoot Series OTT Platform

The talented actor Shweta Tripathi Sharma, who made her film debut with “Trishna” in 2011, is also in the “Kaalkoot” series. She was in the movie “Kanjoos Makhichoos” that came out this year. In addition to Vinay Varma and Shweta Tripathi Sharma, another talented actor, Yashpal Sharma, plays an important part in this series. Glimpse, which just came out, is already getting a lot of attention in India. We need to wait and see if people are ready to pay the same amount of attention to the series after it comes out. The first episode will air on July 27 on Jio Cinema.

What is the Plot of Kaalkoot Series?

The story of the Kaalkoot web series is about a police officer who has to deal with bullies, pressure from his bosses, and the expectations of society when it comes to getting married. In the middle of this, a mysterious world full of dark secrets starts to come to light, as hinted by the intriguing first look where the girl his mother picked for him has a secret. As the story goes on, viewers are taken on an emotional and suspenseful trip that makes them question their own ideas and reveals the hidden truths within.

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Is There Any Trailer For Kaalkoot Series?

Even though the Kaalkoot team hasn’t released the show’s clip yet, they have released a teaser video with the date. Check out the clip that’s shown below.

Who are in the Cast of Kaalkoot Series?

In the “Kaalkoot” series, the male lead is played by Vijay Varma, and the female lead is played by Shweta Tripathi Sharma. Yashpal Sharma will have a big part in something else. The makers of this new sitcom haven’t said who else will be in it yet. We’ll let you know who they are as soon as we find out more about the other actors.

Sumit Saxena wrote “Kaalkoot” and also directed it. This show is made by Ajit Andhare, Amritpal Singh Bandra, and Anand Tiwari under the Tipping Point and Viacom 18 Studios labels. The people who made this show haven’t officially said anything about the other people who worked on it.


The Kaalkoot series, directed by Sumit Saxena, will be available on OTT on July 27, 2023. The talented actor, who has gained fame in OTT movies and shows, will star in the series. The series follows a police officer dealing with bullying, boss pressure, and societal expectations. The cast includes Vijay Varma as the male lead, Shweta Tripathi Sharma as the female lead, and Yashpal Sharma as a significant actor. The show is produced by Ajit Andhare, Amritpal Singh Bandra, and Anand Tiwari under the Tipping Point and Viacom 18 Studios labels.

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