Junooniyat: Jahaan Surprises Elahi and Spends Happy Moments Together!

Junooniyat is a Hindi-language musical romantic drama television series that debuted on Colors TV on February 13, 2023. Ankit Gupta, Gautam Vig, and Neha Rana play the key roles in the series, which is produced by Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey under the Dreamiyata Entertainment brand.

In this article, we will delve into how Jahaan surprises Elahi and the happy moments they spend together.

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Junooniyat: Jahaan Surprises Elahi and Spends Happy Moments Together!

Junooniyat: Jahaan and Elahi

The Colors TV show, Junooniyat, is gaining a lot of love and support from its audience. The current plotline of the show revolves around Beeji finally agreeing to let Elahi pursue a career in singing. In the previous episodes, Beeji gave her blessings for Elahi’s upcoming music competition, but Elahi couldn’t help but feel conflicted due to Beeji’s past actions in destroying Diljyot’s chance at success.

Meanwhile, Amardeep breaks his alcohol bottles and promises to stop drinking and start working. Beeji burns the music competition form as she remembers her past actions in destroying Diljyot’s letter of acceptance to a recording studio. In India, Jordan watches Elahi board a bus and head to the Gurudwara, and later follows her as she performs rituals.

Maheep disapproves of Jordan’s actions, and he almost crashes his car when he sees Jahaan and Elahi talking on the bus. As Jahaan introduces Elahi to his mother, she hears Diljyot’s voice, and Maheep promises to prevent Elahi from advancing in the competition.

Jahaan Surprises Elahi and Spends Happy Moments Together!

In the upcoming episodes of the show, the Great Indian Voice Competition is fast approaching, and Husna tries to take photos of Jahaan and Elahi. However, Jordan intervenes, and Husna accidentally captures pictures of him with Elahi instead. Meanwhile, Beeji is caught tampering with Elahi’s food when Amardeep unexpectedly walks in.

Despite the close call, Beeji still feeds the adulterated food to Elahi, hoping to affect her voice. Amardeep gifts Elahi a second-hand harmonium and promises to buy her a new one. Diljyot advises Jahaan to be patient in order to discover if Elahi truly loves him.

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Inderjeet makes a deal with Maheep that if Jordan fails to win the competition, he will arrange for Jordan’s marriage to Malhotra’s daughter. Later, Jahaan surprises Elahi with fireflies, and together, they share a magical moment practicing under a tree.

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