Joseon Attorney Season 2 Release Date: When Is It Going To Release? 

A Korean drama series called Joseon Attorney enthralls viewers with its original plot and cast of characters. Kang Han Soo, a talented lawyer who battles for justice and human rights, was the main character of the Joseon Dynasty drama. The first season of the television program was a big hit, and fans were anxious for more.

Even though the first season of Joseon Attorney was very well received, a second season has not yet been formally confirmed. The most current MBC K-drama, Joseon Attorney: A Morality, features Kang Han-su, a lawyer who has mastered the art of taking advantage of his clients in order to make money.

But after being hailed as a hero by the common folk, he soon realizes the need for true justice. After first hiring Kang Han-su to pursue retribution but later changing her mind, one of his clients, Yi Yun-ju, joined him in his search for an ethical attorney.

Overview About Joseon Attorney Season 2

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Title  Joseon Attorney 
No. of Season  2
Writer  Choi Jin Young, Jung Ho Rak
Director Lee Han Joon, Kim Seung Ho
Genre Historical, Law, Romance, Drama
Cast  Woo Do-Hwan, Kim Ji-Yeon
Production Joseon Lawyer
Country of Origin  South Korea
Origin Language Korean
Available Language English
First Episode Aired 31 Mar 2023
Season 2 Release Date Not Confirmed Yet
Run Time Near By 1 hrs
Original Network MBC

Joseon Attorney Season 2 Release Date: When Is It Going To Release? 

The release date and time for Joseon Attorney Season 2 have not yet been formally announced. The second season’s premiere is eagerly anticipated by the show’s audience. Joseon Attorney season 2 might be released shortly if the show’s production picks up soon.

 The precise release date and timing are impossible to predict before a public announcement. You’ll need to pay attention if the show undergoes any modifications.

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What Kind Of Joseon Attorney Plot Might There Be?

The Joseon Dynasty is the time period of the Korean historical drama series Joseon Attorney. In a country where strict Confucian beliefs are the norm, Kang Han Soo stands up for justice and protects human rights. He is a remarkable and unique lawyer.

The nation’s capital, Hanyang, is where Kang Han Soo opened his legal office. He quickly became known for his unconventional thinking and straightforward approach. He frequently accepts cases that other people would consider hopeless, such as those involving dishonest officials and powerful individuals.

Han Soo faces a number of challenges throughout the series as he fights to disclose the truth and bring justice to those who have been hurt.

Joseon Attorney Season 2 (1)

The Cast Or Character Of Joseon Attorney Season 2

Since more information regarding the cast and characters in Joseon Attorney needs to be made public, fans are eagerly expecting updates and announcements. Follow the table below accordingly.

  • Kang Han-soo is portrayed by Lady Yeon
  • Lee Yeon-joo by Kim Ji-Yeon
  • Yoo Ji-seon by Yoo Ji-Seon
  • King Lee by Lee Geon-Hee Song.
  • Kang Han-soo’s mother is Hyul Shin Dong-mi
  • Lady Hong Kyu-Sung Lee as Dong-chi Min Ji-ah.
  • Joon-hyuk as Master Jang Roh
  • Haeng-Ha as Myung-wol
  • Ho-jin Chun as Yoo Jesse
  • Jong-Tae Kim as Kang Eon-jik
  • Moo-Sung Choi as Cho Young
  • woo Bae Hae-sun as Lady Yeon

The Trailer for Joseon Attorney Season 2 

Are you looking forward to Joseon Attorney Season 2 with bated breath? We can certainly relate to your excitement and curiosity about the next season. Unfortunately, there are currently no season 2 trailers available.

Be at ease, though! You can still view the season 1 trailer if you haven’t yet watched the first season or want to review what transpired there.

Watch Here: Official Trailer of Joseon Attorney

How Many Episodes Will There Be In Joseon Attorney Season 2?

The upcoming Joseon Attorney second season is expected to have sixteen episodes. However, this matter has not yet been formally confirmed. Fans of the show are eagerly anticipating its arrival and have high expectations for the number of episodes. As a result, it’s unclear whether more episodes will be made.

What Is The Current Rating Of Joseon Attorney Season 2?

Both K-Dramalist and IMDB give the Joseon Attorney K-Drama series good marks. The show has gained popularity among fans, earning ratings of 8.1 on IMDB and 8.1 on K-Dramalist. The complex plot, gripping courtroom scenes, and outstanding cast work all contributed to the success of the series. 

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These impressive numbers are proof of the show’s high caliber and capacity to enthrall viewers with an engaging plot and superb execution.


How Many Episodes of Emanet Exist?

Joseon Attorney Has 16 Episodes.

Has Joseon Attorney been renewed for a second season?

No, there isn’t any official documentation of its renewal. It is a limited series and is not likely to be renewed.

Is Joseon Attorney a Netflix original?

Netflix doesn’t yet have Joseon’s Attorney. 


Fans of historical and legal dramas will love Joseon Attorney. Even though the release date for season 2 has not yet been set, viewers can expect more suspenseful courtroom drama and character development from their favorite characters in the current season.

In order for you to fully appreciate this incredible show, we make sure that you are always up to speed on the most recent episodes. Don’t be reluctant to join us and receive updates from our website

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