Jim Tom Hedrick Cause of Death: What Happened to Jim Tom Hedrick?

Jim Tom Hedrick Cause of Death: TMZ says that Marvin “Jim Tom” Hedrick, who was the star of the distillery-themed reality show Moonshiners for five seasons, died on Wednesday from kidney cancer. 82 years old. The show, which started in 2012, is about people who make moonshine in the Appalachian woods without a license. Hedrick joined the group in Season 2 and stayed through Season 6, which was five years.

Sugarlands Distilling Co. said in an Instagram post, “Jim Tom’s reputation as one of the best moonshiners in the South earned him a role on the hit TV show Moonshiners, where his colorful personality won over millions of fans.” “Jim Tom touched the lives of many people, and he was especially eager to teach a new generation of distillers what he had learned over his lifetime about making moonshine so that the craft would continue.”

Ned Vickers, the founder and president of Sugarlands, said, “Jim Tom was one of the first veteran moonshiners to really appreciate Sugarlands when we first opened our doors. Getting Jim Tom’s stamp of approval was a big part of what made Sugarlands real, and we’ll always be grateful for his support and relationship.

Who was Jim Tom Hedrick?

Jim Tom Hedrick, who was better known as “Jim Tom,” was a popular figure in reality TV and moonshining. He became well-known as a member of the cast of Moonshiners, a famous show on Discovery about the dangerous and secretive world of making moonshine in the Appalachian mountains.

Jim Tom Hedrick Cause of Death

Jim Tom joined the show in its second season and quickly became a fan favorite because of how charming and real he was. During his five seasons on the show, from Season 2 to Season 6, people liked him because he knew a lot about how to make moonshine and had a charming Southern accent.

Jim Tom Hedrick Cause of Death

Jim Tom Hedrick died in Robbinsville, North Carolina, on August 6, 2023, after a long fight with kidney cancer. Family members said that he had been dealing with this life-threatening illness for a long time and had been getting dialysis treatments for a while. Mark Ramsey and Digger Manes, two other moonshiners, shared pictures of Jim Tom in a nursing home in the weeks before he died. This let people know that he was sick.

During Jim Tom’s last days, friends and well-wishers showed him a lot of love and support. His cousin Tina even asked people to pray for him. The Sugarlands Distilling Company, where Jim Tom worked, wrote a heartfelt message on Twitter to report that he had died and to say how sorry they were to lose their dear friend. Jim Tom Hedrick’s journey and contributions to the world of moonshining will be remembered with fondness, and his fight with kidney cancer is a reminder of the difficulties that people in the Appalachian moonshining community face.

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What Happened to Jim Tom Hedrick?

Jim Tom Hedrick Cause of Death

On August 6, 2023, Jim Tom Hedrick died. His death was caused by kidney cancer, which he had been fighting for a long time while getting dialysis treatments. People will always remember him for being honest and passionate about moonshining, and his story is a powerful reminder of the difficulties people in the Appalachian moonshining community face.

Was Jim Tom Hedrick Married?

Jim Tom Hedrick, who was famous for making booze, kept his personal life a secret, and no one knows if he ever got married or not. People liked and respected him for how good he was at making moonshine, but they never knew about his relationships or whether or not he was married. Jim Tom’s personal life stayed exactly that: personal.

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Even though we don’t know if Jim Tom was married or not, his services to the world of moonshining will always be remembered. Fans loved and admired him because of how much he cared about keeping moonshine-making traditions alive and how charismatic he was on the reality show Moonshiners. Even though we may never know everything about his personal life, there is no doubt that he had a big effect on the moonshining community and on the hearts of those who looked up to him.


Marvin “Jim Tom” Hedrick, the star of the reality show Moonshiners, passed away from kidney cancer at the age of 82. He was a popular figure in the moonshining industry, known for his charm and Southern accent. He joined the show in Season 2 and stayed through Season 6, which lasted five years. Sugarlands Distilling Co., where Hedrick worked, expressed gratitude for his support and relationship with the show. Hedrick’s life was a testament to the difficulties faced by the Appalachian moonshining community. His contributions to the moonshining industry will be remembered fondly.

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